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The “Read Me” Book

dsc05196.jpgEach week I enjoy reading Pastor Mark’s blog about how he is spending time with one of his children.  I also enjoy reading about his family times and adventures.  Pastor Brett does the same thing through his family blog, the funny ins and outs and great memories of life with children.

Today I was reading Brett’s Children’s Church blog about his funny moments this past Sunday.  I am so on the other end of this with my own kids 19 and 17, yet I took a moment to remember some of the great things we used to do when they were young.

Then I remembered the “Read Me book”.  This book was created out of a three ring binder, and blank sheets of lines paper inside.  I think Justin designed the cover.  The point of this book was to hide it somewhere in our home, and whoever found it had to journal in it – at least a few words… how they were doing, what was going on in their life, whatever.

For years we had a blast with this book.  We would hide it in the dryer, in the refrigerator, the microwave, couch cushions, under books, in back packs wherever.  The rule was the finder had to journal and then hide it again.  Sometimes there would be several journals in a day, other times it may not show up for a few weeks and then be discovered in a cupboard, under the couch… you get the idea.

Justin and I are the writers in the family so we have years of recorded funny conversations as well as moments of the two brothers not getting along.  Brad and Al were not the writing type, so for them the hiding had to be more obvious to get them involved- like in their pillow case, or in the bed sheets. 

The result of this book is that for a ten year span we have recorded priceless journal entries from full page conversations to “found it” or pictures.  To this day, when it turns up it is still fun to put it back in play… which tonight, I did just that. 

Watch out Justin … it is out there.

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Monday Mid Afternoon Mind Dump

  • Saturdays event for Make a Difference Day -WOW!  I am still so amazed!!!  (See blog entry below for pictures and details!)
  • Saving the world – one bird at a time.  Brett (Children’s Pastor) myself, and Larry from the school went and captured a bird that was trapped in the library from our Saturday event when someone left a window open.
  • Interfaith housing is our turn this week.  We are at First Presbyterian for this week.  My overnight is with my buddy Sandi on Thursday.  There are currently 14 people!
  • Al and I have now graduated to Season 4 of 24.  Al is trying to get his cell phone to ring like the phones at CTU do…  hoo boy….
  • Finished the book Silenced this past week as well as Winning On Purpose.  Silenced was not so impressive… dragged quite a bit, and Winning on Purpose was good and had a lot of interesting ideas.
  • I am ready to read something lighter now.  Picked up a book at Women of Faith on short stories… might be a little too fluffy, we will see.
  • Tonight the Women’s Ministry team meets to plan out the retreat in January
  • Piper likes Kit Kats (See picture below)
  • I love, love, love, the comments on the blogs…. thanks everyone!

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Feeding Children International – Make A Difference Day

What a day…. where do I begin? A year ago when it was just a blip on our radar screen and we thought the cost too high for us to do anything with? Or March of this year when we tossed it around again and let it go….

I believe it really began to become a reality for us when Honduras hit a food emergency in areas where people were dying of starvation. This was no longer a “maybe” situation, it was a mission that we felt directly from God.

And it truly was. The right connections fell into place, doors opened wide… people came forward from other states offering their insight and their assistance in making this happen. Planning the day to coincide with our raking day was a good thought, and only later did we realize we had also planned this event on the National Make A Difference Day. Wow… this became so big we knew there was no way this was us making this happen – this was all God.

Today the truck arrived at 9 a.m. and at 11:00 a.m. we started bagging the food. We believed that today we could bag 20,000 if God provided many hands and funds to make this happen. He did. About 200 people from TJN, and from our community joined forces for a greater cause. It was an incredible sight to see. People mixing ingredients, bagging food, weighing food, sealing the bags, boxing the bags, placing the boxes on carts that were hauled outside and palletized… and loaded back on the truck.

At 3:00 p.m. the dust began to clear and this great team of people continued to serve God by assisting in the clean up. When all was said and done, 50, 112 bags were filled.

50, 112. Could you just cry?

The power of God was upon us today. You could feel it. The day was beautiful for this event as well as the raking. The community pulled together, called to this great cause. Called through prayer, called through that tug on their heart that said, “Go… Do this for Me…”

Changing the world in His name. I am in awe.

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RAKEFEST 2007 – Make a Difference Day

75 or so people showed up this morning to rake around the town for Make A Difference Day.  Groups went  into yards and  raked from 9 am through the early afternoon in an act of random kindness. 

It is always incredible to hear the comments of those who live in the homes.  They are amazed when we say that this is just us doing community.  I love that.

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Thursday Thumbs Up

b.jpgThis weeks movie review goes to a great camping movie, The Great Outdoors.  Sticking with the 80’s (hmmm… I wonder why?) This movie is about Chet Ripley (John Candy)who is trying to take his family on a great vacation, only to have a crimp put in his plans when his in laws Roman and Connie (Dan Akyroyd) show up unexpectantly.

A good humorus movie that has been a staple for years for our family when we go to our property on the North Shore.  You will love the bear scene and Roman trying in his own way to connect with his kids. With John and Dan, how can you go wrong?  The duo make such a great team and can play off each other so well… you just have to see the movie.

Fun Facts:

  • This movie was originally titled, Big Country
  • Annette Bening’s Film Debut
  • When Roman is driving back to the cabin to make amends with Chet, it is a torrential downpour. But the reflection in the windshield of the car reveals blue skies with some scattered clouds.

Best Quote: Roman: Pontoon boat? Whaddya going to do with a pontoon boat? Retake Omaha Beach?

This is a “smores” kind of movie!  Enjoy!

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Just Another Day at the Office

I have been hearing a lot about this dry sitcom, The Office. I have heard jokes about it, references to it, seen clips, and more. Yet I have never watched it.

Wanting to be “hip” and “with it” brought me to my video store to rent season one. The first episode brought me to this point today. I am always up for shaking things up a bit.

I waited for Brett to go into a meeting yesterday and swiped (I mean borrowed) his stapler, post its and his pen. Then I bought Jello. I went home and made the jello and at the 2 hour mark, carefully dropped in the special ingredients for this little joke: the stapler, the post its, and the pen. The directions on the box then say to let set for four hours. I let it set overnight.

I brought my creation to the office in the morning. Carefully placing it in the refrigerator until “go time”. I wait for Brett.  When he comes in he actually is looking for his pen.

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Monday AFTERNOON Mind Dump

  •  Piper (our rabbit) is a hoot.  She chases our dog, Bailey.
  • Catch up day – I am working out of my home office today.
  • Women of Faith this weekend was WOW!  Check out the blog(s) on it below.
  • I am still processing Sunday service.  It has left me a bit drained.  I slept a lot on Sunday late afternoon.
  • This morning I had breakfast with three of my great friends (sisters!)
  • Full speed ahead to Make a Difference Day.  ARK wanted…
  • I have adjusted my work schedule to a new level of sanity.  This is week two.  Week one worked out pretty slick.
  • You would think I would have finished the book ‘Silenced’ by now… but no.  Today perhaps…
  • Payroll… payroll… payroll….
  • This weekend I learned that no is a complete sentence.  I can not forget it as I was told to write it down by my so called friends (ha ha) and they stared at me until I caved.  Maybe I should have said no?  ; )
  • Over the last 24 hours I have thought a lot about my sister and what she would be like if she were still here today.  Then I get a bit overwhelmed when I think of the abundance of sisters God has provided me with on this earth until I can be with Tara again.

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Company for Coffee

c.jpgThis morning I get up and go through my morning routine.  I start the coffee pot, let the dogs out, feed the rabbit, and get ready for my day.

I then come back to the kitchen and pour myself a cup of coffee, set it on the table and let the dogs in.  I go to grab my cup of coffee so I can check emails in the office and I see two cups.  Well, one must clearly be from my tea I didn’t finish last night so I touch a cup to see if it is hot.  It is.  I go to pick up the other cup to put in the dishwasher and it is hot too.  Two cups of coffee? 

I am alone in the house and think I have gone bonkers and clearly have poured my morning coffee not once, but twice, this morning.  Then I stop and think… maybe I am suppose to sit down and enjoy this cup of coffee with God.  I get my morning devotion book and I turn to my devotion for today.  I pray my thanks to God for all the good in my life and for what this day holds.

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Anita Refroe at Women of Faith

If you have not heard this song (and well, even if you have)this is her new song called the Mom Song’. She peformed this at the conference this weekend. It is pretty funny as pretty much anything Anita does is funny!
For more on Women of Faith Conference – read the below blog.

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Women of Faith Recap

Wow!  We have returned safe and sound from the Women of Faith Conference.  What an amazing time!  The conference was incredible and I love that 34 of us made out way to Minneapolis Friday morning and we were all able to share in this experience together. 

Being a second time attender, it was so much fun to see it through the first timers eyes.  For those of us who have been there before – we were not dissapointed.  From deep out loud laughter, to tears, to “ah ha” moments… I think we went through every emotion.  We are pre registered for 35 people for next year.

I don’t how to thank everyone enough for coming together and saying “yes,” to this.  So thank you Karol, Suzette, Bonnie, Bernie, Sandi, Jennifer, Ellie, Nancy, Julie M., Lisa K., Chrissy, Amber, Julie E., Pam, Lanie, Susan, Anne, Kristi, Camille, Annette, Trish, Chantelle, Betty, Kate, Joelle, Deb B, Deb, Michele, Janet, Joan, and Lisa S.

It wouldn’t have been the same without any on you.  Thank you Sisters!

Update on this blog on 10/22/07: 

4,006 women indicated first-time decisions,
inviting Christ to be their Savior over the weekend.

634 children were sponsored through
World Vision during the St. Paul conference.


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