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Monday Morning Mind Dump

  • What a blessed Christmas we had. With two boys, one 20 and one 17… both with big future plans, I count my blessings to have them with us this year.
  • Al and I went to the casino for their buffet on Saturday late afternoon. It was sooo good (and yes, I ate good too!)
  • I am in a cribbage rut… Al has beat me the last several times that we have played.
  • The next couple weeks are going to be crazy – I have a full schedule of great plans…
  • This coming Friday I get to do my stay over at the mansions in little Falls with my girlfriends. I am getting excited! This year we decided to each bring someone else along to share this experience with so there will be 10 of us this time!
  • On Sunday afternoon there is a baby shower for Nicole at my home. We are getting close to meeting this new little one.  : )
  • This week and next we are planning the final details of the Women’s Retreat set for the 11th and 12th. Wow that came up fast!
  • I just finished my 60th book of the year last night. 60 was my goal for the year and I am in awe that I made it! (I usually am up reading on New Years Eve to reach book goal.) I’ll blog later on which were my favorites of the year.
  • My working out has been been good this past week and I’m sticking to it pretty good. More on that on Tuesday or Wednesday…
  • Today my early day is pretty full… Office clean up, two payrolls, work out at the YMCA before they close at noon, appointment at 12:30…
  • 4 weeks out from Honduras!  I am so excited!  I am starting to pack…
  • Tonight we have dinner plans with friends.  It will be fun to get together and catch up.

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Repetition… Repetition…

I am always surprized when an old song comes on the radio and having not heard it for many years, I can still belt out all the words.  Things like that crack me up.  I think the schools would be wise to set some of those awful, boring, long, history lessons and math problems to a really catchy beat… I think our memory skills and learning capability would greatly improve!

The answer to this not so mysterious mystery is of course, repetition.  Those favorite tunes were on the radio a zillion times when they were hits and we sang the words even when the song wasn’t playing anywhere but in our heads. 

When it comes to Bible versus I like to take a scripture that is speaking to me and put it on a post it note and stick it to the dash of my vehicle.  When I look at it I repeat it and repeat it, working at commiting it to that dusty compartment in my brain called memory. 

Mark just preached last Sunday about how many times the “fear nots” are in the Bible.  365 times.  That’s repetition.  In John 3, Jesus repeats the importance of the new birth in order to get to Heaven.  Repetition.  Hmmm… it must be important.

You may get frustrated by talking to friends and family about God and seemingly it doesn’t sink in.  Yet think of all the testimonies where people talk about how they had been told about God for years and then one day – they got it.  Repetition.  Plant that seed…

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Christmas at the DeChantal’s

What a great Christmas we had!  We don’t have much for extended family so we usually do the holidays alone – but we were truly blessed this year with just a nice Christmas. 

Brad came over around 10:30 on Christmas Day and we spent the day enjoying good food, gifts, conversation, prayer, board games and a little snowmobiling.   Al went out with the boys and checked both machines out and had them running smooth and then the boys took off for a couple hours enjoying the season.

It is always fun to see Brad and Justin get together.  With Brad all grown up and out of the house they do not get to spend a lot of time together.  Just having them together is a gift to me. 

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Working It – Blog #2

workin-out.pngSo, if you back track to last Tuesday (Working It Blog #1), you read that I am planning to blog my way to fitness. I am hopeful that by putting it out there – it will assist in keeping me on track. As promised, I said I would do a weekly check in… so here it is… the good, the bad, and the ugly:

Last Tuesday I went through my usual trying to “talk myself out of a workout”. After getting out of the office later than I had planned I told myself that I needed to get to work on other things and the workout could always start tomorrow. (The word tomorrow making that echoing sound of falseness…)

I stayed true, and drove directly to the YMCA where I dedicated an hour and half to the treadmill and the elliptical. While doing this I realized a few truths about working out that I forgotten:

  1. I really do like the way I feel after I have done something positive for myself.
  2. I don’t like to work out during “high traffic” times so my choice of time worked well.
  3. I read while I work out – so I am actually getting in more reading time! (Feel free to groan here)

As the week continued I missed out on the working out part on Wednesday and Thursday due to busy offices and evening commitments. However I stayed on track on my eating. Friday and Saturday I was back on, Sunday off, Monday on…

For the week I went almost 20 miles between the two machines (elliptical and tread mill). I fill good, and while I let it slide a bit over Christmas… I have every intention to do even better this week!

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Christmas Eve – Monday Morning Mind Dump

As the house is still quiet… in the early morning hours… I am able to have this reflection time:

  • What a great weekend! Dan and Key’s get together on Friday was fun and relaxing. We had some good laughs while we were there!
  • On Saturday Chance and I went to see our long anticipated movie, National Treasure 2. Chance thought it was one of the best movies he has ever seen. It was pretty good.
  • My first week of working towards better fitness choices went well. By posting my goals I feel more focused. Huh… who would have thought that would work? Thank you all for holding me accountable. (See my blog on Wednesday on how the first week went…)
  • Al and I dug Justin out of the driveway on Saturday morning. Well, not Justin, but his car, when it slid on the ice as he was leaving for work and he went in the ditch at the end of the driveway. Better the ditch then sliding on to highway 18! (See picture below)
  • Al and I went and visited my mom’s parents on Christmas Eve.
  • Brad and Justin will both be at the house for Christmas morning and a great dinner planned after.
  • I spent some time this past week really thanking God for the blessings in my life and in our families lives. It hasn’t been the easiest year, but through it all I see God’s hand and I really do have much to be thankful for.
  • 5 weeks to Honduras!
  • Merry Christmas everyone!

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Great Blog!

I was doing a little catching up on some of the blogs I like to follow this morning and found that I had not read Bob’s at Temple Baptist recently.  So checking it out found a couple great blog stories –

1.  The carpet going into the Soup Kitchen!  Wow – that is so great!  I love that community is working together for this. 

2.  Bob has posted a set of pictures of Temple through the years and with it an incredible song by Third Day. 

See Bob’s words here at Sticking With It

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Thursday Thumbs Up

a1.jpgI am a gamer.  Not like sitting and playing video games for hours… no, but there was a time….

I like on line games such as TextTwist, Scrabble, 7 Wonders, Word Mojo, Hidden Relics, .. .you get the point.  I like word games and Strategy puzzles.  If I am not reading, I like to wind down with a quick game. 

So my Thumbs up Thursday goes to Shockwave Games.  I think I pay $5 a month and it is unlimited play on any of the games.  You can download them and play them forever if you want to.  There are all kinds to chose from,  from kids games to adventure, strategy, puzzles, words, sports…  You don’t even have to do the monthly fee – you can download and try games for a limited time for free. 

Well… don’t take my word for it – check it out! 

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Merry Holidays? Happy Christmas?

I am a stickler for Merry Christmas.  I love to say it – and prefer it to Happy Holidays.  I don’t believe Christ should be taken out of Christmas and that’s just me.  I know there are people who feel Happy Holidays is just as warm a greeting and it also covers Christmas and New Years in one swoop.  I get that.  I just prefer Merry Christmas.

This year finding Christmas cards that said “Merry Christmas” in them was difficult.  I went through the entire stock this particular store had and only found one card that said Merry Christmas.  I bought 4 boxes.

Yesterday I was on a business call in the office and at the end of our conversation the lady on the line said, “Happy Holidays!”

I replied, “Merry Christmas,” and she excitedly said, “Thank you – now I can say it – Merry Christmas.”

I asked her what she meant and she said that they were not allowed to say Merry Christmas unless it was said to them first.   I don’t know why I find that shocking – but I still do.

So – to my friends and family – here and there, all over the world… if I don’t get a chance to say it in person, “Merry Christmas!”

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Here we Go… Working It Blog #1

Taking on a second office position almost two years ago now really changed my activity level in my life. Don’t get me wrong – I love what I do and find the challenges exciting, the people fascinating… but my energy level – zapped.

In fall 2004 I weighed a little under 120 pounds. I ate healthy, loved to bike ride, rollerblade, lift a little bit of weights and led an active life style. Slowly those patterns have went to the way side with the “busyness” of life. I find by the time I get through with everything I should get done in a day…. I’m tired.

This is hard for me to put in writing because obviously – then it’s out there. However, I am hopeful that by putting it out there, it will encourage me to do better. I have started and stopped so many times in the past two years I couldn’t count. I start each day with the right frame of mind… and usually by evening have decided to wait until the unreachable “tomorrow” and too tired to do any form of working out.

So… in trying to challenge myself. I am posting that I am actively trying really hard to get my act together. I plan to update my progress weekly – which make all of you witnesses and hopefully holds me accountable. Well, that’s the plan anyway.

So – Here We Go! Thanks for tagging along….


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Monday Morning Mind Dump

What an amazing week and weekend….

  • I was able to practice humility throught the week as my Durango was worked on from Tuesday through Thursday.  I really don’t like to ask for help but I did… thank you to those who got me to where I needed to go and back home again…..  Justin DeChantal, Sarah Lindberg, Amber Schultz, Brett and Kate Richmond, and Joelle Schmidt.  I am so grateful!
  • I had the opportunity to interview several incredible women for the upcoming Receptionist opening at TJN.  Every one of them had a variety of skills and talents that I found amazing.  Interviews will continue throughout this week. 
  • I was able to be a real friend this past week to someone in need.  It felt good.
  • Joelle and I had lunch on Friday and did a little shopping afterwards
  • Sarah Goodrow and I were together on Saturday for the ARK luncheon and that was a  great time of catching up with a good friend.
  • On Friday we had a Christmas party in Millacs to attend and I had a chance to catch up with a friend I had not seen in two years. 
  • On Saturday evening we held our company Christmas party at Chap’s.  It was fun to sit back and watch this great team that we have.  They kid each other, laugh, and make plans, as true friends.  I love that about them!  (The Chap did a wonderful job and the food and service was fantasic)  Al and I agreed, this was the best Christmas Party yet.
  • My friend Joelle is blogging now on WordPress!  Check out her blog at Pickingdaisies!
  • Finally!  After almost a year of signing up our book club on the BookMovement web site for their monthly book giveaway – we won! The Contractor (1 club) 1. Sheila DeChantal and the Bookies Book Club of Brainerd, MN (12 members)Sheila, we will be mailing 12 books to the address in your account info. Charles would be delighted to call-in to your club via speakerphone.
  • On Sunday, December 16th our oldest son Brad turned 20.  (Wow that is hard to believe!)  He came over for the late afternoon so we could hang out and open gifts and then we all went out to dinner together.  It is exciting to hear his plans for the future. Capture this moment. 
  • 6 weeks out from Honduras….  I am so excited!

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