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Yup… Pig Races

I am not exactly sure how I have lived in this area as long as I have and never been to the Pig Races… but now I know I have truly lived. 

About 30 miles from Brainerd, in Leader Minnesota, every Friday and Saturday evening at 7 p.m. are the pig races.  The small town is the home of a gas station and a restaurant, so it is easy to find out behind the restaurant, for a $1.00 cover, some pretty interesting entertainment.

If you have yound children I would highly recommend this event as they have many games during the night oriented towards the kids.  Hula hoop contests, jump rope, bouncy balls, and a time when the kids all are part of looking for $1.00 bills in a pile of saw dust.

The pigs are little guys with numbers on their backs.  They come into the arena, 5 at a time and names of people in the audiance are drawn to choose a pig.  If your pig wins the race you win a t – shirt, kids win a toy.  Every two races they take a break for a game, for kids and a few for adults that are just as funny like the horse race and red neck horse shoes which is performed using a toilet seat as the horse shoe. 

If you go, I would recommend going early.  The food is pretty good in the restaurant and you will want to get a good spot to see the pigs. 

July 20, 2007 - Posted by | Insane Moments

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  1. We love coming to the pig races every summer… The kids have so much fun and we as parents do too….. I recommend this event to anyone that has children ages 1- 99…Very family oriented and very entertaining!!!

    Comment by heidi gruel | April 15, 2010

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