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I am part of a great book club of women called “Bookies”, that have been together for 6 years! We started our group with three people in August of 2001. The Book Club began because at the time I worked for Wal-Mart and found it sad that many of us had worked together for 10 years and hardly knew one another.

So… it began… and now we have 12 of us who attend our monthly book reviews at various restaurants throughout Brainerd and Baxter.

This month was our annual potluck picnic at Kiwanis Park. The girls thought it would be fun if we all dressed up as the girls had in one of the book we had read this year and have an election for “Queen of the Bookies.” We laughed about the thought of pulling brides maid dresses and old prom dresses out of the back of our closets.

On Tuesday, July 10, we paraded ourselves to Kiwanis and I was thrilled to see that every one of the girls who were able to attend had dressed up. The “election of Queen”, was fantastic, with cue cards and poetry being read to win the election. In the end, it was my friend Amy Price who won the honor to be the Queen until our next election at our December meeting. Amy had the honor of wearing the crown (borrowed from Joelle Schmidt) and the scepter as well as being able to sit on the royal throne!

It was suggested that maybe for December we dress up as our favorite book character from books we have read this year. Hmmm…


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