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For Such a Time as This…

If I were asked who is one of my favorite women in the Bible, my answer would have to be Esther. That woman was a rocking chick! I love the entire story.

There is a point in this book of the Bible where Esther is given a challenge by Mordechai that frightens her to her core. The very task may cost her her life. Mordechai tells her:

Do not think that because you are in the King’s house you alone of all the Jews will escape. For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to a royal position for such a time as this? Esther 4:13 – 14

For such a time as this…

I was driving back into town the other day kind of in a daze. I had a long day and had been driving quite a while and has been thinking about all the things I do. I do really like to get out there and do things. I was thinking about why that is, and if I am to be honest I have always kind of had an inkling it is because of the losses I have had in my life, I feel like I have to keep going, and doing. When I am out there, busy and doing – I am not dwelling. I am not the same person when I am alone.

So on this day as I am driving and tossing all this through my head, I start looking at what is around me. I see a guy walking on the side of the road that I knew from school. I wonder where his life has taken him and thinking he was put here in Brainerd, in this same era as me. I wonder if God’s purpose in his life has reached him. I wonder… if it has reached me.

In front of me is a large motor home with bikes hanging off the back. These people, wherever they are traveling to, or from, have also been placed here at this time. Have they found God’s purpose for their life? Next to them is a couple of motorcyclists enjoying the beautiful weather and each others company. How about them? How about the kid passing me in a low rider black car with a sticker of a hand grenade on the back bumper?

… and then back to me. Am I out there just to have a good time “doing?” Or am I missing the bigger picture of why God has placed me where He has… in this century, now – here… for such a time as this.

I wonder if sometimes by doing, am I missing what His will is for me? Am I so busy out there living, do I miss what I am living for? Or has God placed me in these events and activities to be there for a reason… am I reaching out to people enough? Does God look down and say, “Child – you are here, in this place, in this moment, for such a time as this.”?

I guess my prayer is that God does use me and direct me to be where He needs me to be, with the people He wants me to be with. I pray I can tell the difference of doing for me – and doing for Him. And I pray that when those moments come that God has me “for such a time as this” that I am fully aware of that moment and don’t miss it because I am too busy “doing.”

(This devotion will have a follow up post within the next few days… I have more thoughts on this especially after viewing a recent video on “Living Stones”)

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Kinship Event – W/ Lakes Area Wheelers

It’s not often that Chance and I sign up for the group Kinship events anymore. Chance is now 13 and now after 6 years we kind of have a routine of what we like to do when we hang out together. However, when this event was emailed out, looking at the pictures from last year, I couldn’t believe we had missed this for two years already!

On Saturday July 26th Chance and I made the drive to Pine River to be a part of this event. We had no idea what we were in for, we just knew it was Jeeps and big wheels and we were in! We could not have asked for a better day. What a time we had!

The kids were able to pick which Jeep they wanted to ride in and Chance picked out a black one which turned out to belong to our driver Owen, who had come with two other drivers to help from the Grand Rapids group, Grizzly Off Roaders. We had so much fun! We spent the morning in an open pit area where we climbed hills and rocks and even got stuck once or twice. I was in the back seat and I have to say my seat belt worked great! We then took off through some great trails in some beautiful country.

We stopped for lunch that was put on by the Lakes Area Wheelers. Good food and good talk. It was fun to talk with the other Kinship kids as they were all having a blast. A couple of the kids though they had not got dirty enough on their ride so far (little did they know that would soon be remedied.)

Then we were off again and cruising through the hills and trails at all sorts of angles you wouldn’t think possible. It was an incredible day and it went by so fast! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Kinship for this event. AND of course thank you to Lakes Area Wheelers and the Grizzly Off Roaders for your generosity of time and vehicles with this great group of kids. We had an amazing time and memories that I know neither Chance nor I will soon forget.

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Tour of Saints Plug

Oh – I am a bit excited – the Tour of Saints Director stumbled across my blog today and asked if he could put an attachment to the Tour Of Saints home page to my blog with my TOS story.  Well, YEAH!  So here it is…  go to the home page then see the picture of the strawberries to the right?  There I am!  Oh but in the meantime – click here to get to Tour of Saints

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The life of a car…

My friends with teenagers should get a kick out of this and for my friends with pre teens – this is a scene you will want to remember.

When Brad turned 16 we wanted to purchase his first car for him as a birthday present. We surprised him with this as he had been saving up to get a car. We searched all over for a good starter car – from the cities to St. Cloud and then finally back in Brainerd, we find “the car”.

Brad’s car went right from the dealer we purchased it from over to Mills Motors for a once over to make sure she was road worthy for our son. After adding quite a few more dollars to the original price after Mills updated and repaired – the keys were handed to Brad.

This car has been through it all. Brad has used it for delivering pizzas from his first job at 16 to just a couple months ago. The car has went through tires, and a new gas tank, and a windshield, brakes, you name it. We have had it towed to our house twice when it broke down and then finally – our home became its final resting place.

Well… almost.

With the use of equipment that we just happen to have laying around the shop area – the car was stripped and then placed ever so lovingly into the recycle dumpster. As you can see by the pics of the car in the dumpster and then it leaving our yard in the recycle bin.

A bitter sweet moment for me because I remember Brads eyes when he first got behind the wheel of that car.

Anyone have any personal car stories or stories of their kids and cars?

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The Dark Knight

Seen this movie last night and wrote a review here: Check it out

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Monday Mind Dump…

  • I layed pretty low last week with the heavy weekend I had previously I was kind of zapped out of energy
  • Al had moved the office that has been in our home since we started the business 7 years ago, to the new shop office
  • This move motavated me to complete a dream I have had for years and that was to have an in home library… I spent two days working on shelves and setting up the room and then pulling books that I have all over in every room to one central area.  It is incredible! 
  • It was exciting to see that in the past 7 days I have completed two big goals – one was the library and the other was to do the 50 mile bike tour after I had turned 40.
  • I completed The SummerHouse and Return to Summerhouse books by Jude Deveroux.  See review here.
  • This week I get to kyak with Justin Tuesday afternoon and then later in the evening Justin, Chance, and I are going to go to the new Batman movie.
  • On Wednesday Brad is coming over for supper and I am making the Honduras hotdish he likes.
  • This coming weekend I am excited to do an event with Chance sponsered by Lakes Area Wheelers where we get to go baha-ing through the trails in Pequot Lakes!  (Check out the pic below!)

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The best plans…

Meez 3D avatar avatars gamesSo… as I left you all on Friday – Al and I had plans to go to our cabin for the weekend for our anniversary.  Well our 4:00 pm departure just kept creeping back as more work came in for our business.  As the clock turned over 6 p.m. I called Al who was stressed in the office trying to get everything done so we could go.  At this point even if we would have left right that minute we would not have been there until 9:30 pm.   We decided it wasn’t worth the stress and let the plan go.

Instead, Friday evening we went out to a wonderful dinner at Ernies where we sat on the deck overlooking the lake.  It was beautiful out.  On Saturday we left for St. Cloud for the day and putzed around in shops and ate at a favorite place of mine – Mongo’s.  On Sunday after church we went to a friends home for her 33rd birthday and enjoyed good company among friends, great food, and a little fun four wheeling on their trails. 

All in all – the weekend was better than anticipated.  Al and I had a lot of time together and a lot of fun.  (Now I need to work off all that good food!)

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Out for the weekend

Al and I are off to the cabin for the weekend.  Today is our 21st anniversary!  We are leaving yet this afternoon so I am running around getting last minute things done and packing (still…). 

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend and just hanging out with the hubby.  In our lifestyle these times are much too short and way too infrequent! 

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Thursday Thumbs Up – Great Commercials!

M&Ms Dark Chocolate: Addams Family Commercial

I LOVE great commercials! When M & M’s came up with the idea of using “celebrity faces” on their candy advertising – how brilliant is that?

You can even go on line and have your face put on M & M’s….. (I remember when candy was… well… just candy. : )

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Tour of Saints Bike Tour (50 miles!)

On Sunday – I was a part of the Tour of Saints Bike Tour in St Joseph Minnesota!  I was so excited!!!  I have been a part of this tour 4 times now.  The first time was in 2004 and I completed the 50 mile tour.  The two times following the weather had been so awful in 2005 and in 2006 that I took the shorter run and completed the 35 mile part of the tour.

This year I was so determined to go and do the 50.  My cousin Jarrod and his wife Farrah went with me and that was so much fun!  I don’t get a lot of time to catch up with Jarrod, and I have never had a real chance to talk with Farrah so this was a great opportunity to do both.

We left on Saturday at 5:00 pm and with the craziness of working the garage sale all weekend I was already exhausted.  Driving to St Joseph I was just zoned out.  We got to our designated spots where we were staying – they had elected for a hotel and I went to the college dorms where the tour starts and ends.  Once checked in we met up for dinner at Granite City in St Cloud.  Fantastic food and just sitting and talking with these two was great.  I had a chance to share Honduras stories (you know me and Honduras…. ha ha) and they shared a lot about what they have been doing these past few years.  After dinner we went back to our rooms for the night.

On Sunday the sky was clear (YAY!!!) but the wind was incredible (and not in a good way).  We started the tour around 8 am and with the hills and the wind the tour was not as smooth sailing as I had anticipated it to be.  Most of the way the wind was blowing right at us and there was a point that even downhill you had to petal to keep your bike moving.  There were quite a few times that Jarrod and Farrah stopped to wait for me to catch up – I always lost them on the up side of the hills.  I had a great time talking to both of them as I would ride with one for awhile, and then the other.  Jarrod and I went over crazy things we did as kids and memories of us all hanging out together.  With Farrah I was able to learn more about her and I really enjoyed getting to know her.

At about mile 38 I was completely exhausted.  My energy was zapped from the wind that had even become stronger as the ride went on.  At this point it took me so much energy to get up a hill that by the time I got to the down side I was too tired to even enjoy that let alone move.  I was seriously considering calling it quits right there and hating myself for that because I hate to quit on anything.  At this point I was passing a lady who started to talk to me and and as I listened to her talk about her biking events that she does and she pointed way ahead and said, “See that lady in the orange shirt, that’s my sister.”

And I said, “See those two black dots way up ahead, that’s my cousin and his wife.”

We laughed at that and rode together for about 30 minutes and as the road leveled out the ride became easier, the wind settled a bit.  We reached our final pit stop (the third one) where we were able to get water and fruit and even chocolate – oh yeah.  The direction of our tour then changed and we actually were able to ride out the last 10 miles with the wind actually to our back!

I was thrilled to have finished and told Jarrod and Farrah that if it were not for them and I would have taken the shorter route and ended my tour at the 35 mile point.  I would have been disappointed in myself.  It was a tough ride – a hard ride but so worth it!

We stopped for lunch at La Casita where we had fantastic Mexican food before we went our separate ways.  Driving home I was so tired but I had the best time just hanging out with those two and doing the tour.  I am already looking forward to next year!

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