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Monday Mind Dump….

  • The How Many Five Year Olds Can You Take In A Fight is something we should all have on our resume…. This is important life basics…. click here
  • Totally wildly crazy week ahead…. both offices are busy, Home Show this weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun)…
  • Justin and I waited 4 hours Saturday night in line for the Wii – bonding moment… read the story here
  • Mike Kuck starts in the office this week! Yay! Stop by and say hi if you get a chance – he will work each week Wednesday through Friday.
  • Played Wii last night for the first time ever. I find that I like the boxing the best so far although it is the most aggressive and tiring. I knocked out Justin both times we played. Al and I played tennis… he beat me. Stupid game…. ; )
  • Doin’ plenty of brushing up on time management skills over the next month or so…
  • I hope to finish a couple books this week… read the review in One Person’s Journey through a World of Books

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Wii Did It!

In recent weeks Justin has had the opportunity to use a Wii gaming machine at a friends home.  Coming home and sharing this experience with Al and I, he wanted to pursue one for our home and I had told him I would help him… I had no idea they were so hard to get a hold of…

Doing a bit of research we learned that they were coming out in Wal-Mart’s ad on Sunday… and that meant that they would be available at 12:01 a.m., Saturday night … er… Sunday morning.  Never having had the opportunity to camp out for concert tickets or chain myself to a tree for a great cause, I told Justin I would do this with him.

We were forwarned that people started lining up early and once enough people were waiting for the amount they were getting in (10) then that was it.  So at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday evening I found myself in Wal-Mart with book in hand.  They hooked me up with a chair and told me I was #1.  (Well… isn’t that nice…. you certainly don’t get to hear that very often now do you?  ha ha) 

So Justin and I held the number one spot followed by a gentleman who didn’t know what the Wii was or cared… but his boss gave him $40 if he would come in and get one for them.  As the line grew by 10 p.m. there were enough people waiting to account for the 10 Wii’s. 

As the night went on…. the electronics department set us up with a TV and DVD player and we were able to watch I Am Legend during our wait.  Even later as the goofiness of our situation set in, we made up songs such as:

Wii are Family

Wii Are The World….

Wii are the champions

Wii Belong Together

(… you get it…)

and at 12:01 we (wii) made it and we (wii) had it!  While I know the whole thing was a bit crazy… it was a little fun too and it was really fun to do something that crazy with Justin. 


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How Many 5 Year Olds I could take in a fight… 19!!!

From Pastor Mark’s blog comes this strange contest that of course, I had to know the answer to…. You have to do this…. it was good for some tear provoking laughter as the questions to determine your skill level are hilarious! (Be sure to share your results on the comment part of this blog). I really need to know who is qualified to street fight kids with me.
Click here to fight… I mean play. Game on.


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The following poem is wriiten by Caron Loveless.  It is beautifully written and I have a copy of this beside my desk at home.  She is an inspiring author and her words remind me of the blessings I have in true friends just as she speaks of…

Friends possess remarkable keys. They open the locked doors of our lives. They give us entrance to places we’d never dare go by ourselves. They fling wide the gates of lush, secret gardens. They take us to treasure rooms glistening with gifts we’re sure we don’t deserve.

    Friends unlatch the windows of our souls. They grip the drapes we’ve drawn around ourselves and yank them back to let God’s gleaming light stream in. They pull and tug until the windows pop open and fresh, new breezes fill our musty hearts.

    When storms throw trees across our path, a friend will lend her strength to haul the logs away. Friends are not fazed by our roadblocks. They come equipped with chainsaws. They help us chop our obstacles like firewood, then strike a match to them. They make sparks fly up from the flames. They say, “Why not sit awhile and warm yourself by this nice fire?” When the smoke clears, friends pass out coat hangers and feast with us on roasted marshmallows until the last ember dies.

    Friends have sight where we are blind. They are guides through the jungles of our past. They are fearless to face the dangers we know lurk beneath the brush. Friends hack and slash at the wild, clinging thoughts that bind us. With grace, they loose us from our blindfolds, then tie them on branches, marking a trail for the future.

    Friends create breakthroughs. The best ones are agents of God. Like Him, they stand us in front of a mirror and introduce us to ourselves.

~ Caron Loveless

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Monday Morning Mind Dump…

  • Is it really Monday already?

  • Busy but productive week last week… I had moments where I was a 10.

  • My book club chose The Other Boleyn Girl for our April read. I am excited to read this bit of history…

  • I got to tell you – the snow was not pleasing to me at all…. I am so ready for spring …..

  • I was able to clear up a couple books over the weekend, and am currently digging into UnChristian which is a fascinating read. I will post my thoughts on this as well as my other literary attemps on my new blog One Person’s Journey Through A World of Books. (Check it out when you have time – it’s kind of fun…)

  • Chance and I moved much of the office into the new area on Saturday. The kid is amazing! I could not have done it without him.

  • Sunday service was right on! I found myself wishing I could stay through second service too….

  • Al and I took Brad out to Easter brunch this afternoon. It is always good to spend time with him and catch up.

  • Justin and I are trying to track down a WII (So far this has the same ineffectiveness as Elmer Fudd hunting Bugs Bunny)

  • Sunday evening I wrote letters (yes, some people still do that!) while Al completed Season 2 of Lost – he is catching up!

  • This upcoming week has a lot of important little pieces that I am excited to see fall into place. With the move, the Annual Meeting, and The Home Show coming in the next week and a half – I am excited to kick it up a few notches.

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Introducing….a second Blog

As you know I am a huge reader. I have recently been working on creating a second Blog for my book thoughts – book information, etc…. and I am now ready to open it’s doors for business (so to speak!)

Take a moment to check out my “sister blog”, One Person’s Journey Through A World Of Books. It will be available through this site by clicking on the Blogs I follow Link.

Welcome to my mind…..

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Do You Feel It?

I left the YMCA a little after 6 p.m. last night and opening the door I felt it right away.  The air was crisp with a hint of warmth, but I still felt it.  Or maybe I smelled it….


I am not nuts – don’t you feel it?  The air is different – and the smell is clean and crisp with the promise of what is to come.  It is like opening a present.  

I get a little jazzed at the thought, or as my friend Nicole would say, I am jonesing for Spring.  With the promise of spring comes new life and while God is breathing that life into the earth – He breathes it into me as well. 

I am ready! 


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Sunday’s Skit

skit.jpgIf you were at The Journey North on Sunday you were able to see an amazing skit performed by our drama team.

Here is a link to that skit on God Tube: Check it out here

Oh – and grab the kleenex! (Great job Drama Team!!!)

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The Monday Mind Dump

  1. For most of last week, Al and I were at a convention in Las Vegas with 5 of our employees and four wives. I enjoyed getting to know some of the women better and really really enjoyed the sunny weather we had the two full days we were there. Highlights would be:

  2. Hanging out with the girls and walking through the amazing Hotels during the day like the Belagio, Mirage, MGM, and Ceasor’s Palace…

  3. Reading by the pool

  4. My favorite appetizer is in Las Vegas at the Harley Davidson Cafe – the buffalo shrimp

  5. Seeing the Secret Gardens and the dolphins, white tigers, and lions of Sigfreid and Roy.

  6. Going to dinner with Al and seeing David Copperfield (Al went on stage to participate in one of the illusions!!!)
  • Thank you Jennifer for hanging at my house the three evenings I was gone…

  • On Saturday (back in good ol’ Brainerd) I went to both of our new book stores – Bethany and Book World and was impressed with both! It’s like pieces of my mother ship right in my own back yard…. : )

  • Saturday evening Chance, Justin, and I played Scene IT and lost both games to Justin. (He really needs to get a life – ha ha)

  • Sunday – Chance and I spent the afternoon hanging out and went to the movie Fool’s Gold

  • Putzing around on the computer over the weekend, I found my original journal on the Manuelito website of my first year experience in Honduras. That was kind of cool to read.

  • I have completed the Lost back seasons!!!! Not sure if I should be proud or repulsed…..

  • Pretty busy week ahead – I have a couple lunches with friends, book club Tuesday evening, small group, and Ladies Night Out on Thursday… and of course all the action going on in both offices!

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Imagine if you closed your eyes and could go anywhere you could picture in your mind… just think it and you are there….

This thought brings tears to my eyes… I find it amazing that when I read something like this I instantly know where I want to be and to know that part of my deepest heart is buried – yet resurfaces so quickly….

Where do you want to be?

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