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Monday Mind Dump

  • Another amazing week of events and “to do’s”
  • Weigh in was good – another 2 pounds gone (PTL!) for a new total of 23!  (A little nervous about this weeks weigh in…  loved the ham and shrimp a bit too much on Christmas!)
  • Wednesday, Christmas Eve, went to my cousin Cheryl’s for appetizers (yup – oh oh) and hanging with a bit of family for awhile.  It was nice to see everyone.
  • Thursday – Christmas day had the boys over and opened gifts.  It was a great day!  We watched Family Man (the movie with Nicholas Cage) and The Dark Knight on DVD… ate too much, but had a great day of just hanging out with each other.
  • Friday Al and Justin took off for a snowmobile trip to our cabin up North.  I had the weekend to myself and went to a movie, Marley and Me, with Karol Kruse.  See review here.
  • See below post for my weekend alone thoughts….
  • Saturday I stayed at home most of the day – a bit of housework but mostly just relaxing, reading, catching up on the R & R.
  • Sunday, I picked Chance up and we went to church and then we went to the YMCA together and worked out.  Back at the house we watched LOST episodes until Al and Justin got home and then Chance opened up his gift from us.
  • Great week and now my big focus is on getting back on track from all the holiday stuff (I never did get my Christmas Cards out…).  I am really looking forward to starting the boot camp yet this week!  See Boot Camp post here

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Weekend to Myself….

The boys are away for the weekend snowmobiling and as of this past Friday afternoon, I have had the place to myself.  I was really looking forward to this weekend of “no commitments”…  really, I could read, relax, watch a chick flick (or two…), play word games on the computer,whatever!  The world was going to be my oyster….

I really do overdose on people.  I love being with people, but I am wired to the point that hanging with people at get togethers, meetings, dinners, events, whatever…. doesn’t fuel me… but zaps my energies.  I actually have to come home and unwind from just being with others.   I don’t understand it…  but that is the way I am.  So as you can see, a weekend alone could be just what I needed.

After running errands from early Friday morning and going to a great movie (Marley and Me) with Karol Kruse in the afternoon, I was really looking forward to coming home and relaxing.  Oddly, in a matter of moments I found the house too quiet.  This is odd as the house isn’t noisy anyway…  I think it wasn’t “noise” that I needed…. but maybe purpose….  I didn’t have dinner to make, or time to chat with Al about the week or hang with Justin catching up on what he has going on or playing a bit of Bomberman on Wii.  I had nothing to do… and I suddenly felt very alone.

I made dinner and went downstairs to play on the computer and pulled Season One of Gilmore Girls off the shelf.  Kate came on Facebook and invited me to play Scrabble Beta with her which was really fun and I started to relax (thanks Kate!).  I really started to think how important the whole SHMILY thing was in times like this and knew I could do better with some of the ideas I had read on Amy’s blog (thanks Amy!).

Saturday was better…. I started to embrace the time to relax.  I got up at 8:30 (oh yeah…. I never do that… I’m a 7 a.m. girl).  I did a bit of housework and then spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon watching Gilmore Girls and playing on the computer.  I ran a couple errands late afternoon, checked out the sales at Kohls, came back home and am now back in the recliner to enjoy a quiet evening.

Tomorrow afternoon the guys will be back and I am ready!  It’s nice to have the time to yourself…. but my battery is fully charged and I am excited to have them back in the house with their stories of snowmobiling.

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Monday Mind Dump

  • Last Tuesday weigh in I was 2.8 pounds down – for a grand total so far of 21 pounds!!!  (I am amazed as I battle through Christmas parties and potlucks…… hopefully I will have held on through this past week!)
  • Tuesday evening we had a Christmas Party to attend in Pierz Minnesota.  Great people and we had steak!  (Oh man….)
  • Wednesday we started back into the Small Group and had a potluck out at Al and Julie’s (ooohhhhh…. potluck!)  I made low fat chicken fajitas to bring.
  • Thursday I went out to dinner (yup… three days in a row….) with the BCers.  We laughed and I had my standard favorite – the poppy seed chicken salad.
  • Friday – finished Christmas shopping!  WOO HOO!  And squeezed in a work out at the YMCA
  • Friday we had an annual Christmas Party (yup, now four in a row…) at a friends which was loaded with delicious appetizers which I avoided quite successfully… except for the shrimp cocktail… YUM!
  • Saturday, went with my friend Cathy to go see Karen (my friend with cancer).  It was a great visit…  I get so much out of spending time with Karen and I am so impressed with her spirit.  Relaxed at home and watched a couple movies in the afternoon.  Layed back day that was needed so badly!
  • Sunday after Church went to the Y and had a brief workout (better than nothing…) then went home and watched LOST with Chance, we hit a movie in the afternoon at Movies 10 (Yes, Man) (see review here) and then I played floor hockey Sunday evening.

Basically a week of food opportunities…. after this week I think I am finally through all the parties and get togethers and can put my guard down a bit!  Looking forward to Christmas with the boys!

Oh, and here are the Santas Workshop pics from last weekends event….

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Monday Mind Dump

* I wonder if I can even remember a week back?

* Last Tuesday evening we had our book club Christmas Party and reviewed A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It was great food and great friends! See the review here

* Wednesday I had a funeral to attend in the morning and set up for our Santas Workshop until 7 p.m. SO TIRED!

* Thursday ran errands when I was off work and made it home in time to watch Survivor with Al.

* Friday was our company Christmas party at the Chap. I spent the day running errands again and then prep work for our get together.

* Saturday I was at the church by 8 am and working on the Santas workshop event. It was a huge success! I ran the entire time and passed out cookies and took pictures of all the kids.

* Saturday evening was Ron and Becky’s “Ugly Sweater” Christmas party, so I decked out in something I felt looked like it was from a Dr Suess book and Al in bright yellow and off we went. Great fun – lots of laughs!

* Sunday I had a super full day I was not looking forward to and then – thanks to the weather, events were cancelled and I had a free afternoon to enjoy with Brad while we celebrated his upcoming 21st birthday with an egg bake brunch and cake, then we all layed WII into the afternoon. Chance hung out all day and he and I played Bomberman and later watched LOST episodes.

* Al and I watched the Survivor finale and I won our game with my player Bob! Woo Hoo!!!

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Unusual Blessing

“It’s hard watching yourself die.”
This was part of a conversation I had earlier today with Karen as she described what she had looked like a few days ago when her skin had turned an ash white.
I look at my friend of many years through tear filled eyes and try to imagine what that must feel like. She is now wearing long sleeves because she does not like to see the color of her skin.
Karen has such a spirit about her. I worked with her for many years and she is also a member of The Bookies (our book club). I remember her first meeting she attended as she came in with a list of rules if she was going to be a part of this group. “I won’t read any of that mushy stuff,” she has said, “I have been through too much in my life to believe in any of that.”
A few months later at a book review Karen had gushed over our read, “I just loved Colton, he is so romantic!”
Two years ago Karen was diagnosed with cancer. She has had a tough battle and is currently 6 months beyond what the doctors had given her to live. She is a fighter yet feels good at this point if God feels it is her time to go.
Spending time with her this afternoon was a real gift to me. She speaks of hearing God in this new quietness of her life and chuckles at how that must sound – yet I for one know she hears Him. At home in her room, He speaks to her.
We have a wonderful conversation and she tells me how amazing people have been through her illness. She received a fishing launch tri  for herself and her family, a neighbor built her a beautiful garden to look at when she sits on her deck, and friends come to see her… more than she knew she had.
Karen tells me, “These last two years have been the best years of my life.  Cancer is a horrible thing, but I would not trade this time for anything.”
Wow. Karen I really love you.

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Spiritual Boot Camp

Ok… I have been thinking about this since August and just hadn’t found the right time to implement it – but now I feel I am ready.

Starting January 1, I am going to embark on a 31 day Spiritual Boot Camp. Here is what that means:

Mind: I am going to spend a minimum of 30 minutes reading my Bible 5 times a week. (This is a commitment I need to do because life tends to get in the way and I dont do this as often as I should or certainly could).

Body:  I will work out a minimum of 4 times a week at least 30 minutes a time. I will continue to eat better.

Spirit:  I will spend a minimum of 30 minutes in prayer 5 times a week. (This is something I should consistently be doing anyway).

At some point in January I will take a silent retreat to our cabin. I have never done this and am excited to do it!

I will blog through my month and the happenings. I am open to anyone who would care to join me in this Boot Camp. If you are interested, leave me a message here…. I would love the support and the company!bootcamp-for-web

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Monday Mind Dump

What a week last week…. I’ll try to give the highlights here and not forget anything….

Monday I helped out with the IHN group and we witnessed a death of a man in the parking lot.

Tuesday I covered the IHN shift until Tim and Justin arrived. Kristi Anderson came to cut hair and they all really enjoyed that. She is so great!

Wednesday I helped deliver people to the day center. By this time I am so tired…

Thursday I stayed overnight with Sandi for our IHN night. We stayed up until about 1 am talking and talking….

Friday afternoon I found out a lady I work with on the builders committee died in a car crash Thursday evening. My heart is heavy for her family.

Friday we had Amanda and Tim’s party at Rafferty’s Pizza.

Saturday I helped set up for the wedding and we had Tim and Amanda’s wedding Saturday evening. It was beautiful! Justin took Chance to ring the bell and then brought him to the wedding too.

Sunday – went to church but afterwards…. pretty much crashed. Fell asleep in the recliner reading my book for book club.

I finished the book club book last night! Yay! See the review of A Christmas Carol here

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Monday Mind Dump…

  • I’m a bit tired…. last night I served at First Presbyterian for our IHN week (Interfaith Hospitality Network).  I stayed over night with Karol Kruse with our 12 guests.  Of course karol and I sat up until after midnight talking and reading….
  • Weigh in last Tuesday morning – 16 pounds gone – woo hoo!
  • Wednesday did another Group Power class with Justin and Amber… didnt hurt as much this week.  I could actually walk the next day!
  • Thanksgiving was great!  Brad and Bridgett came over, Justin had Amber over – we had a great meal, Brad helped Al with wood chopping, we played Phase 10 (I WON!!!), and we went to the movie The 4 Christmas’s.  (Review coming – click here) 
  • Thanksgiving was great to spend time with the boys and talk with the girls.
  • Friday – went in and helped at the church. 
  • Saturday layed low knowing this week was going to be busy with IHN, Youth Group Meeting, Santa’s Workshop meeting, Tim and Amanda’s wedding….  full steam ahead!

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