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Monday Mind Dump

  • I’m sure as so surprise – my head is full of Honduras planning, prepping, praying… three days out – I am excited and nervous and so ready to go and yet so not…. (just so you know, this is the same thing I go through every year….)
  • I have never done the whole trip without Al before and that makes me a little sad… however I have never done the trip with our son Justin before and that makes me really excited to experience this with him.
  • Yesterday was a tough day – January 27th usually can do a number on me and yesterday was no exception.  It amazes me how hard it can still effect me.
  • My mind is so full of little tasks….  like things to do that will never end and they are not even big things….  just things
  • Today I have lunch with Brad at noon! Yay!!!
  • This afternoon I will meet with Justin at Wal-Mart for his final packing plans and needs.
  • Tonight I meet with some friends to exchange pictures of our mansion experience and so they can send me off with well wishes and prayers (I’ll take as many of those as I can get!)
  • At home I am packing up our 2007 paperwork and want to have that done before I leave.
  • My good friend Sandy J contacted me this past weekend and that was so great to hear from her! (Hi Sandy!!!)
  • Al and I went to a movie yesterday
  • I am hoping to try to see Chance tomorrow evening – I hope he will have time.
  • last minute office tasks to do, but for the most part I have it done and do not feel pressured or overwhelmed
  • I feel good and really at peace
  • I will miss everyone here (Family, friends, and pets)

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Thursday Thumbs Up

ab.jpgToday I have for some odd reason been thinking about Cheer.  Not the detergent…. and not just any cheer….  but the Wal-Mart Cheer.

Yup… it is true.  It exists. 

As a 13 year “Wal – Martian”, you can count on what I say to be true. 

The Wal-Mart cheer I am sure generated from the original, Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart.  What is cool is that it still exists today, in every Wal-Mart, all over the world.

Perhaps during some early morning shopping trip you may have heard through the aisles an echo of a song or seen a group of blue vested people huddled together clapping and singing something like:

“Give me a ‘W'” 


“Give me an ‘A'”


“Give me an ‘L'”


“Give me a squiggly”

(That’s right – I said squiggly which at that point you did some sort of hip wiggle that I find hard to describe let alone believe that I did that each work day for all those years….)

After the squiggly we went through the M – A – R – T letters like we did the W- A – L, and then it ended with….

“What store is #1?”

Where we would reply, “1654 Baxter Minnesota”, and end with an arm pump in the air and say “Huh!”

Oh yeah…. good times.

The cheer itself created a team unity and kind of started your day off with a little laughter, smile, or perhaps an eye roll…

Anyway, the thumbs up is to the crazy things we each have done in our past jobs.  (Oh, think about it… you have to have at least one!)  However, my time at Wal-Mart was good times and I was treated very well.  I can not say anything bad about them, but smile a little at the memories of a distant chear that will forever “cheer on” in my heart.


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Monday Mind Dump

  • Honduras is a week and a half away now and therefore ranks top billing…. I have started to pack a bit and am making my “to do” lists
  • On Thursday, I went to dinner with a current “Honduras Sister”, Karol, and my soon to be “Honduras Sister” Trish, to give Trish a better feel for what to expect on the trip.  We met at 5:30 and didn’t leave the restaurant until after 8:30.  We laughed so hard we cried (my favorite kind of laughter!)  Girl Power!
  • Al, Chance, and I, went to the movies on Sunday to National Treasure (yes, I have seen it already but I do love a good treasure hunt!)
  • Joelle and I went to the movie 27 Dresses on Saturday while the guys were at the Men’s Retreat.  Cute movie.
  • I need to get going on our year end filing for our business.  I would really like to have that cleaned up before Honduras.
  • I finished two books this week
  • I am diving into my ACTS study and have a couple recommended books that I need to follow up on to enhance this.
  • It was a really good weekend and Al and I were able to spend it with some good friends.

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Thursday Thumbs Up (just a couple days late…)

I noticed today that my Thursday Thumbs Up has fallen off the blog map.  Doh!  Life happens, and pretty soon what you said you were going to do falls away.  How completely annoying….  🙂

Today I have dusted off the Thursday Thumbs Up and put it back on this blog where it belongs.  Today my thumbs up goes to shared books.  It is no secret at all that I enjoy reading.  From my blog on What’s On Your Book Shelf, from last July, to the more recent blog in December on Books Annoymous.

By shared books I am referring to books that you have so enjoyed, you have recommended them, of even borrowed them, to a friend.  Or a friend, as in my current case, has borrowed you a book that they have read because they enjoyed it so much they knew you would too.  Going into a book is traveling to wherever that book takes you…. into a good mystery or thriller, or Ireland, or on a boat, or in a plane, to where Jesus walked,  or where Moses talked.

To read the same book as someone close to you is like taking an adventure with them.  Traveling the same road as the author had laid before you, but now instead of going it alone, you have a friend along to share the experience. 

I can talk books and authors all day…. share your books and share the adventures

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Reviewing the Bucket List

bucket.jpgI treated myself to a movie on Sunday and it happened to be The Bucket List. I had heard of the movie the first time through my friend Joelle’s blog, Picking Daisys.

I found the movie to be a little mediocre… as much as I love to watch Morgan Freeman in movies, this one just didn’t have a lot of pop and sizzle… There is a lot of vulgar language coming from the Jack Nicholson character, and a few references I know I could have lived without.

However I wouldn’t waste your time or mine writing about a movie that had no potential… (movie spoilers following) in the middle of the movie while Jack and Morgan’s characters are enjoying a spectacular view of the pyramids, Morgan, who is known in the movie to be full of facts (which by the way were really interesting!) mentions to Jack that the Egyptians believe that when you get to Heaven you will be asked 2 questions.

“Ok,” Jack says, “I’ll bite, what are the two questions?”

1. Has your life had joy?

2. Have you brought joy to others?

These are great questions.  Do you have joy in your life?  Is it continuous joy, or is it moments of joy?  These were questions that actually made me stop and think.  I take joy in the Lord and my relationship with Him but I can’t honestly say that I have continuous joy.  Moments – yes, like deep worship or deep prayer that leaves you feeling saturated with God’s presence.  I find joy in seeing others grow and relationships grow.  I like to stand back and observe what I see God doing from a distance … when relationships are healed, friendships renewed… that is joy.

It’s true… I like to watch Him work.

The second question wasn’t much easier to answer.  At first thought, I believed I brought joy to others.  I hope I do!  But it could be happiness or other emotions…

Ponder on these questions…. Having joy and giving it…  how would you answer these questions?

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Women’s Retreat – Women on the Way

This past weekend was the 3rd annual Women’s Retreat for The Journey North. I am exhausted, emotionally and physically – but above that, I am praising God for bringing another group of incredible women to Cozy Bay Resort.

What an experience to spend time with women I have known for years, and some I have just met. I love that some of the ladies were new to the church and dove right into a weekend experience that I know built relationships.

To spend a weekend with such a team of people who shared their ideas to make this retreat an exciting, God filled, experience – you know who you are each and every one of you who contributed through prayer, sharing a devotion, running a break our session, cooking, cleaning, check in – ALL OF YOU – God bless you!

The best part of these retreats for me is to step back and observe people who I know just met over the weekend – sitting and sharing, laughing and crying…. This is what it is all about.

So many of the women shared with me their reservations to attend – afraid of not knowing anyone, or being asked to do something they were uncomfortable with… they left bubbling over with excitement and carrying new memories and experiences.

If you were there Friday night you were able to create your own Barnabas Box. Dinner was Italian , then Ice Breaker Games, and a late comer, Rea Treat. At Midnight “Retreaters” were invited to share in a spiritual Journey as women explored several women of the Bible who had traveled to Jesus. This event and evening concluded with a banana split Bon Voyage Party.

40 some women attended on Saturday. We started with an incredible devotion lead by Bernie Finch. This was followed by an equally incredible presentation of Julie Steiff’s Jerusalem adventure. The women were glued to their seats and many comments were made about how incredible this talk was. Saturday afternoon lead to a Mexican Dinner (all meals set to music provided by Jarrid Johnson) and a skit performed by Joelle Schmidt about leaving our baggage at the Cross. Saturday continued with the break out sessions and a massage therapist offering massages from 1 – 5 pm. The break out sessions were personal Journeys (testimonies) Creative Journey (a craft where you could make a salvation bracelet), a Worldly Journey led by Sarah Lindbergh, and a Walking Journey of where you are at today with God. Supper was Hawaiian themed and followed by our Speaker Bobbie Muncey.

Thank you to everyone who attended. I loved getting to laugh and share with you all. Moments like these I count as joyful gifts from God. They are stored in my heart forever more. Blessings to you! Be sure to check out Joelle’s thoughts on the retreat as well at her blog spot: Picking Daisies

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Monday Morning Mind Dump

  • Crazy busy week last week… I’m still coming down.
  • Not a lot of extra time for work outs… did I mention how crazy my week was?
  • An incredible amount of work came out of the TJN office this past week. Thank you Lisa and Nicole for all you did to prep for this past weekends Job Fair and the upcoming membership renewal.
  • The Women’s Retreat this past weekend was amazing. It has grown so much over the past three years. It is a ton of work to pull off – but the finished product is so worth it!
  • High Fives to the Women’s Ministry Team for working so hard and providing what I believe to be the best retreat yet!
  • Al had a weekend away snowmobiling with friends at our cabin up North.
  • Brad and Justin had dinner together Friday evening to catch up.
  • Ministry Fair was pretty cool – I have a list of volunteers for two of my areas.
  • Caught a movie with Chance on Sunday afternoon – The Bucket List. (Review on this coming later this week)
  • Al and I caught up Sunday evening on each others full weekend.
  • I am fried.
  • Honduras – is two weeks out! Yeah Baby!!!

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Workin’ it Blog #4

workin-out.pngQuick check in on my progress. The past 1o days have been extremely busy and my goals have suffered due to this. My work outs were pushed to the way side as I went through two very event filled/ good food filled weekends and have now finished a week of meetings (sometimes two a night).

So – I have some back paddling to do now and I am back on track!

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Monday Mind Dump

  • Crazy busy week last week and this one will be too! Lots of meetings and work going on.
  • My vehicle is giving me a hard time. I don’t think people realize how much they count on their vehicle until it is on the blink… now I am going nuts trying to plan how to get from here to there.
  • My Friday stay at the Mansion in Little Falls was once again – fantastic. (Pictures below) Good friends, good fun! I am such a kid at heart…
  • Sunday’s baby shower for Nicole was so great! Lots of food, fun, and friends! (Pictures of shower below too!)
  • Women’s retreat is this coming weekend and I am full steam ahead on the planning for that.
  • This is Nicole’s last week.  It is a bittersweet week with Nicole stepping out of the reception position and Lisa stepping in.
  • I am worn out tired.
  • I need a V8.
  • 3 weeks out from Honduras. Underneath the tired, I am really excited about that.

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Working It Blog #3

Here we are … week three of hopefully a life style change of better eating habits and exercise habits. Three weeks ago I blogged on my new Working It topic. Last week, I reported back with Working It Blog #2. Now here I am… still going, struggling through the holidays…(Darn Al’s brother for sending really good chocolates from Florida!) but pressing on.

Since Wednesday, I have only missed one work out. It has been a little hard as we have eaten out several times during this past week but I have tried to make good decisions.  I feel good and have plans to continue on this path.  Stay tuned….


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