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“Graffiti Sunday”

So… on Sunday we had a little fun after church – we marked up a lot of cars with graffiti! (ok, ok… we had permission)

The Missions Team planned this event to get the word out about The Journey North. We had a list of possible choices for the vehicles such as “Got God?, Jeans Preferred, Come as you are, Follow me… and then the TJN web address.

The point of all of this was to get the free advertising for the church through those who attend. Our timing was to reflect on the upcoming holiday weekend when extra people will be hanging around town. The Youth Group was a great help with this project and it really was a lot of fun to do with positive results! We wrote on over 50 vehicles!

Check out the pics!


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Monday Morning Mind Dump

  • I will make my June goal of 50 miles!  I have one mile to go and i am taking care of thatw hen I bike to the YMCA tonight!
  • Crazy busy and emotional week this last week!
  • Was able to do a bit of rollerblading with Nicole
  • Biked when possible to the YMCA instead of driving – even biked to the church once this week for a meeting.
  • Spent time with Justin
  • Went garage saling on Friday with Karol, Suzette, and Justin!
  • Had a good Honduras orientation meeting and prayerfully a start to making a team for November
  • Friday evening spent time with my friend Heidi and Cindy at Cindy’s home in Motley over good food and a campfire.
  • Saturday had great Leadership training out at Al and Julie’s… I love the thinking activities we do!
  • Saturday, Al and I also had Heather’s grad party and my cousins daughter Jenny’s wedding!
  • Received the Tour of Saints Bike tour info in the mail this week and have a strong desire to do the 50 mile bike tour in St Joseph Minnesota on July 13th.
  • The “Graffiti Sunday” event went well!
  • I finished the book, “Surrender Bay by Denice Hunter – here is the review
    Sunday – cleaning out closets for garage sale and went to a 9:55 pm movie with Justin!
  • Going into a tough week… Justin moves out on Tuesday. : ( I am so proud of him for being independant yet at the same time so incredibly sad to see him go knowing this season has passed. God opens yet another season to this life and I step in with a bit of anxiety of what He has in store for me now.

(Thank you, thank you, thank you friends and family who support me by reading this crazy blog and covering me in prayer. I appreciate your kindness so much!)

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June Challenge

I have walked 36 miles — 72% of my goal of 50 miles!!

I found this great little dude (or dudette?) on my friend Amy’s blog (see here). I haven’t been walking, but instead biking and rollerblading and thought it would be cool to keep track. I hadn’t really set a goal until now and would like to finish June out at 50. I am shooting for 100 in July.

Any bike riders or rollerbladers out there that would care to join me?  (Updates to my miles will be on the right hand side bar)

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Monday Mind Dump

  • What a beautiful week we had last week!  I was able to plenty of yard work and prep for Justin’s Grad Party. 
  • Saturday was fantastic -we had a great turn out to the party and great weather on top of it.  It was perfect!!!  (I was so exhausted when it was all over….)
  • Chance hung out all Saturday afternoon… that was fun.
  • Sunday – we went to an afternoon grad party in the jeep with the top down.  That was fun!  I met a lot of great people.
  • Made it to my group power class twice last week and biked from our house to get to the YMCA for the class.
  • This morning I bikes 18 miles with Key, Tammy, and Amanda.
  • Good schedule this week, nothing too pressing.
  • This coming Saturday we have a morning of training and potluck lunch, then a grad party and them my cousins daughters wedding!  I am excited about all of this!  BIG DAY!  : )
  • Justin moves out on July 1.  I am excited for him, but a little sad inside that both boys are out the door.  It went by so quickly…
  • I finished my book review for ‘The Darkest Evening of the Year’ by Dean Koontz, check it out here

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Where is the Love?

I have Honduras head. I have been spending a lot of time in the yard, and on the bike trail and when I do these projects and things – my mind tends to wander… apparently to Honduras.

I think a lot about the kids – especially the ones I meet on the streets and in the dump.

When I look at where they are at – and then where I am at… I struggle. Working in my yard, when they don’t even have a yard gets to me. It’s easy to look at all that we have and all that they do not… and ask God why? Where is the love? Where is God’s Love?

Yet almost as soon as I think it, I know the answer. God’s love is right here. I – as well as many others have been given an opportunity to see first hand what is happening in this country and know that the little we do… the little bit of relationship we create – right there, Is God’s Love.

And knowing that – and knowing that there is positive God Filled people in Honduras like Pastor Jorge and Pastor Jeoney. Two people who I am so thrilled to know from my tiny little spot on the planet in Brainerd Minnesota… There is the Love.

Yes the world we live in has many opportunities. And for some – God plants this seed in us to do missions – even in our own back yard… There is the Love.

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Monday Mind Dump

  • Completed our final week on the Teen Challenge committee – prepping the silent auction and then the actual banquet on Friday evening which was a great night!
  • Took in a little rollerblading and a Group Power Class throughout the week
  • Talked with Sara (now in Florida) and wished her a happy birthday.
  • Received a book from Al Steiff on Serving With Eyes Wide Open (A Book?  My FAVORITE kind of gift!!!  Thank you!!!  Thank you!!!
  • Over the weekend cleaned up the decks and cleaned out the garage in prep of Justin’s Grad Party this weekend.
  • Garage saled with Suzette on Friday
  • Having lunch today with Nicole and then teaching her to rollerblade
  • Purchasing my very own I Pod Shuffle today!
  • Completed my reading and review of Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas See it here
  • Completed book 2 in The Narnia Series, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe See it here

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Monday Mind Dump

  • Last week I spent most of my time in Grand Marais at Mink Lake Camp.  I had a blast!!!  See blog and pictures on this by clicking here.
  • Thursday I spent catching up in both offices
  • Friday morning Al and I left for the cities, picking up my cousin Cheryl for a family wedding
  • We stopped and shopped a bit in Albertville – I haven’t done that for years!
  • The wedding was amazing – I had never been to anything like it!
  • Came back Sunday afternoon and worked in the yard trimming around trees, filling bird feers and making a fenced area for Piper our rabbit.
  • Completed the Book given to me through Barnes and Nobles advanced copy group – read the review here of Songs For The Missing

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Lilacs and Memories

This past weekend I attended a wedding of my cousin.  It was a beautiful wedding but I find family events hard.  Memories float up and I feel a loss when I see all my aunts and uncles, cousins, and family all close.  Any event my parents would have attended pulls at my heart.

I see how they casually laugh and poke fun at one another and I know from deep within me that they do not see what I see.  Their togetherness works in my mind like snap shots… photos to be captured forever…..

One of my uncles dancing with my cousin…  My aunt dancing with her newly married son… brothers and sisters poking fun at one another…

And I am thinking that they do not even know what they have….

I don’t always fit at these events.  I make my appearance and make my exit at an appropriate (hopefully) time.  I know they don’t understand why it pains me.  I don’t expect them too. 

Coming home and standing on my deck this evening, smelling the lilacs in the air and loving this time of year… I realize I am not sure I understand why I am this way either.  My tears are not always of pain, but also of love – and fondness for my family and the blessings that they have in each other. 

Sometimes I think it is a gift that I see things this way.   Other times I think its a curse.  I take a lot of pictures of people together, candid moments of them close to one another to capture forever.  I never know when I may be taking the pictures that sticks with them forever. 

I breathe in the lilacs… I love this time of year.  And it makes me cry.


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Mink Lake Camp…

I just came off a three day stay at Mink Lake Camp and I am always amazed at how hard it is to arrange the time to go (adjusting schedules, working late the week prior, finding people to fill in… yet when I get there, the world stops and I don’t want to come back. There is nothing like getting away from the daily grind of phones and commitments and just letting go and letting God.

For those who have been there – they know the peace of this area. The relationships that are built and built on. Every time I have went I have either met someone new or furthered a relationship with someone I kind of knew. This year – I was able to do both.

If you haven’t gone…. I can’t stress enough what a magical place this is. I took lots of pictures this time so everyone can really get a good look at the camp. This August there will be Family Camp sponsored by TJN. If you are interested, contact the church at 824-5617 or leave a message here and I will contact you with more details.

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Out of the Blogesphere

Meez 3D avatar avatars games I am out in the wilderness for a few days. I along with my side kick Chance, am off to Mink Lake Camp in Grand Marais through Wednesday. I’ll be available by phone and email Wednesday afternoon.  I will blog again on Thursday and will have pictures of the camp.

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