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Gone for Weekend

Meez 3D avatar avatars gamesWe are heading for the cabin in a matter of minutes!  I am planning to bike and hang out with our friends Chad and Amy and their two daughters.  Al and Chad are going 4 wheeling and Amy the girls, and I are going to Grand Marais and possibly Mink Lake Camp!  Weather looks great and I am excited to just go and hang with good friends. 

See everyone next week – have a safe and fun weekend!

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Dancing Queens

Sometimes… sometimes… girls just need to hang out and have a little fun. In the words of Cindi Lauper, Girls just want to have fun! So on a beautiful end of August afternoon, Bernie Finch, Joleen LeDoux, Key Lane and myself headed over to Sue Beck’s home to do just that!

We shared a lovely lunch with a summer salad that was amazing! A lot of chatting, a lot of good food, and a dose of friendship bonding!

We went out on Sue’s pontoon and listened to the soothing words of ABBA and hammed it up a bit – girls, just being girls. I was amazed at the swimming talent they all had and couldn’t resist taking a few pictures!

Thanks Sue – for an incredible afternoon (my first time in the water this year!) And thanks Bernie, Joleen, and Key for a wonderful time with memories I won’t soon forget!

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Facebook Rookie

I have finally crossed over.  It has taken me a long time – but I am now a semi – active Face Booker (Bookie? Bookette?).  I believe I set up my account about a year ago.  And by that I mean I created a log in.  I never went back to it and had pretty much forgot what my password was anyway.

Yesterday, my friend Kari sent an invite to a friend on Facebook.  Well of course I wanted to be her friend!  And if I didn’t accept her -was that like a rejection?  So I went on, wrestled around in coming up with my password, and logged on…. to find…..

about 20 people waiting to be accepted as my friend.

And they were my friends, so I went a little click happy accepting all of them.  And as the night went on, I started receiving emails…” ________ has acccepted your friend invitation, ___________ wants to add you as a friend, _____________ wrote on your wall….”

Wrote on my wall???  What wall???

I shared all of this with Kate Richmond who spent the night with me at First Presbyterian last night for our turn at IHN.  She laughed at my Facebook illiteracy.  She explained to me in words I could understand, how it worked and what I should do next.  She actually made it sound like it could be…


So here I am.  Trying to create profiles, entering pictures, updating friendships, searching for classmates, sharing “what I am doing”, looking up other people, and yes – even writing on walls.

“Sigh.”  So we will see how this goes.  In the meantime, you can check out my next step of madness here:  Sheila’s Facebook Attempt

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Monday Mind Dump

  • I’ve been trying to do my Group Power Class twice a week now (the trick is to just fit it in around everything else!)
  • Tuesday I started kick ball (WHAT WAS I THINKING?) actually, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be… brought back a bit of grade school memories.
  • Thursday caught up with the Wal-Mart Girls and had dinner together and planned out the rest of our get togethers for the year. That was fun!
  • My biking this month has much to be desired. Going today, but doesn’t look likely I will come near goal.
  • On Saturday we helped Justin move home, then Justin and I tok Chance to the Go Cart track where we blew off some steam for the afternoon (see pics below).
  • Saturday evening Al had a chance to practice a bit on the motorcycle for our ride planned for Sunday.
  • Sunday was just about as perfect a day I have had in a long time! After church we met up with 8 friends who motorcycled with us the afternoon until 4:30 pm. Then we hopped over to Baxter to set up our Fantasy Football Team (which was new and exciting), hung out there with some newer friends and then home by 9:00 pm!
  • Tonight I stay with Kate at First Presbyterian for IHN.
  • Justin started College today!
  • Lunch date with Brad on Wednesday!!
  • I completed the 5th book of the Narnia Series, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – see review here

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Fact or Fiction Friday

(I know I am a day late starting this…)

Each Friday I will post a fact or fiction claim.  You can put in your thoughts on if it is a true statement or not, and on Mondays I will post the correct answer.

Claim:  Eating Carrots will improve your vision.

Answer (entered on Monday, August 25):  FICTION

While carrots are a good source of vitamin A (which is important for healthy eyesight, skin, growth, and resisting infection), eating them won’t improve vision. The purported link between carrots and markedly acute vision is a matter of lore, not of science. And it’s lore of the deliberately manufactured type.

In World War II, Britain’s air ministry spread the word that a diet of these vegetables helped pilots see Nazi bombers attacking at night. That was a lie intended to cover the real matter of what was underpinning the Royal Air Force’s successes: Airborne Interception Radar, also known as AI. The secret new system pinpointed some enemy bombers before they reached the English Channel.

British Intelligence didn’t want the Germans to find out about the superior new technology helping protect the nation, so they created a rumor to afford a somewhat plausible-sounding explanation for the sudden increase in bombers being shot down. News stories began appearing in the British press about extraordinary personnel manning the defenses, including Flight Lieutenant John Cunningham, an RAF pilot dubbed “Cats Eyes” on the basis of his exceptional night vision that allowed him to spot his prey in the dark. Cunningham’s abilities were chalked up to his love of carrots. Further stories claimed RAF pilots were being fed goodly amounts of this root vegetable to foster similar abilities in them.

The disinformation was so persuasive that the English public took to eating carrots to help them find their way during the blackouts.

There is at least a bit of something to the carrots/vision presumption: Beta-carotene, which is found in the vegetable, may help reduce the risk of cataract and macular degeneration. However, it needs be pointed out that studies which have posited this link used doses of Vitamin A or beta-carotene that were higher than what is found in the standard diet. It would be quite difficult to eat the requisite number of carrots to match this level of intake. Also, among those who suffer a Vitamin A deficiency, nyctanopia (also known as nyctalopia or night blindness; the inability to see well in poor light) can be at least somewhat helped by adding carrots to the sufferer’s diet.

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Justin sent me a text message earlier today “I need to talk with you, can you meet me when I am off work.”

Nothing puts fear into a parent like when a kid tells them they need to talk and doesn’t complete the thought. 

Justin met with me this afternoon to discuss moving back home.  He starts school this coming Monday and has come to the realization that living with several roommates may not be the best environment to be studying in. 

He told me he has learned a lot this past 7 weeks and realizes now that we were right when we thought it best if he save his money and stay home while doing his schooling in Brainerd (yes, major jaw drop here – he said WE WERE RIGHT!).  He will be looking into going to Mankato either later this school year or starting next fall… but either way – for now, he is coming home!  (PTL!!!)

He will be moving back throughout the day tomorrow.  WOW.  I so did not see this coming but the news to me is fantastic and I am so thankful he knew that he could always come home. 

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Monday Mind Dump

  • Last Sunday we drove to Zimmerman Minnesota and bought a bike.  Er… a mortorcycle. 
  • On Thursday I stayed overnight with my friend Amy Price at Bethlehem Lutheran Church for her churches turn on the IHN Week.  It was fun to hang out with her and do that.
  • The weekend however – I remember clearly because it was a GREAT weekend!  Friday Al practiced riding the mortorcycle which was exciting and entertaining (sorry honey, but it was!)  We went out to dinner afterwards and had great conversation about our upcoming plans over the next few months. 
  • On Saturday (since we were due to be out of town and didn’t make it) it was kind of a bonus day with no plans.  I hit a few garage sales in the morning, cleaned house and had Key, Greg and Bernie over for dinner.  Al made some great steaks on the grill and it was a BEAUTIFUL night to just hang out.
  • On Sunday after a great service I got back into my book, “Safely Home’ which is tearing me up!  I have so many notes and thoughts on this book I think it could put me through a years worth of deep Blogging…  (review on this book coming soon to my book blog)
  • Went to lunch with Brad at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Great to hang out with him and catch up on everything going on in his life. 
  • Late on Sunday we had “visitors” of many motorcycles stop by the house and hang out for awhile.  It was awesome! 

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The Locked Box

I wonder if everyone has one?  It is like a locked box tucked carefully deep within the walls of your heart. 

Occasionally, it opens just a crack and a hurt from long ago spills out.  It’s not something you need to give to God, at least in my case – I already have and I know He has it because I wouldn’t be standing here today if He didn’t. 

It’s hard to explain, but if you have one, I think you’ll get this.  It’s not luggage you are carrying on your back.  It’s not heavy, and it’s not really a burden.  I like having it there.  While it may be painful at times, or sadden me, it’s dear to me and I embrace the hurt. It reminds me of what makes me – me.

There are many things that can cause the box to open.  Sometimes it’s a word, a memory, or someone says, “you remind me so much of _____________”.    Sometimes it is a taste or a smell that takes you back unexpectedly.

Many people hold keys to the locked box that I carry.  Some don’t even know they have a key.  Others know they have a key, but will not open that box – not even an inch.  Sometimes… I wish they would.   Other times I will be surprised by a key holder who I had no idea held a key.

The box for me holds items that when I think of them, they sometimes take my breath away.  And other times, more often than not – they make me smile.  They are mine, they are like no one elses and I thank God for what is in that box because they are also some of my dearest memories.

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Biking again….

So finally I go out and bike this afternoon.  My goal was 10 miles.  Yet when I reached the 5 mile marker, I felt good so kept on going.  Then I passed the 6, the 7, and then reached the 8.  Feeling pretty proud of myself for finally getting out and doing this I turned my bike around to do the 8 miles back.

… And at that moment I got a stitch in my side.  I am sorry, but a stitch sounds like something that happens to someone when they are older and in my head, I’m still in my mid 20’s. 

The stitch started just below my rib cage on my right side and went all the way to my neck.  Almost like a pinched nerve.  So I’m  biking and trying to twist and perhaps release the pressure. 

The funny thing about going 8 miles out on the bike trail is, you have to go 8 miles back.  So moving what I would consider slower now with my IPOD rocking in my ears ( a little 80’s mix I put together… ) I am making my way back to the car.

Obviously, I made it.  And no matter if it wasn’t the most pleasant ride of my life – I still get credit for the miles.  Woo Hoo!!!    

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With two boys growing up over the past 5 years, the Mom Card became a way to communicate with them as they got older without the “eye roll” of having heard that 10,000 times before.

As they got to the age of driving – then dating and curfews, the “where will you be and with who… you get the drift. I had started by tossing it into the conversations like, “So, you are going to a movie tonight with _______, that’s great. I have to play the Mom card and remind you to drive safely. This usually worked with little fuss.

In my mind, I picture the Mom Card about the size of your drivers license… laminated of course, probably has your picture on it and on the back a list of the privileges that come with being a card carrier.

It’s funny because now that both boys are out on their own – I still use it, tired looking and frayed around the edges as I would guess it would look by now. (Maybe sometimes giving off a little smoke because I pull it out so fast…) I put it into text messages when they tell me they are going swimming with friends in the evening and my fingers can’t help but type out the words “be careful” when I text back, and then I lighten the command by adding the words “playing the mom card”.

They know I use it because I love them – and worry about them – and always want the best for them. I don’t think the card will ever be retired.

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