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Experiencing God….

Have you ever been a part of anything that was so big… it could not succeed unless God was in it?

I have just lived it.

For the second time, we had planned a Bagging Food For Honduras Event. A team of about 8 people really pulled together to put up posters, brochures, and spreading the word. Our goal was to have 400 people participate. Last fall, we had about 250.

Last week Wendy’s Restaurant in Brainerd offered to donate all the chili for the event. Chili for 400 people. Rolfing Distributing offered bottled water and pop.

And then Friday night it started to snow and we were in a snow storm warning – predicting 6 to 12 inches of snow. This late in April that was just unbelievable. As I drove in on slippery and snow covered roads to the Franklin Arts Center that morning the radio was announcing cancellation after cancellation. I prayed that this would not keep people away…

The event started at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday and the people came in singles, couples, and groups…. before my eyes the gym filled with hands and hearts willing to help…. at final count I am told there were over 500 people throughout the day who participated in this event.

When the chili ran low… Wendy’s donated 3 large buckets more. Talking with Sarah Goodrow, she said many people who went through the line loaded their plates with several of the delectable desserts that were brought in, yet at the end of the event – there was still tempting desserts left… Loaves and fishes…

Take time to see Mark’s Blog and the great video he shot – click here

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Monday Mind Dump

  • Last Monday the Teen Challenge Silent Auction Team met for the first time as a group. It was so fun to meet all these wonderful people with the same goal in mind. We will meet now for the next 6 weeks on Mondays.
  • Our Ladies night out event on Thursday was fun and we decorated 50 pots and then put plants in them in hopes of Spring! (Next month – Ladies BINGO…. yes, there is a difference)
  • On Friday Al and I went to the movie 21. That was pretty good.
  • Saturdays Food For Honduras Event was incredible! If you were there – you know. 130,000 meals were prepared to be shipped to Honduras.
  • Saturday evening Al and I had an open house to attend and I learned how to “Race Minnows”. That was a blast!
  • I completed two great fiction reads this past week. See reviews here.

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In Honor of Earth Day

I want to share with you a website I found called Swaptree.  This website encourages trading when it comes to the books, cd’s, and DVD’s you no longer want.

It it easy to use…. simply go through your pile of already read books, DVD’s you really don’t watch and CD’s you really don’t listen too.  You sign up on the website and by entering the ISBN or UPC number for the item, it will pots it on line and immediately show you lists of things you can receive in exchange.  You pay only the shipping.

I just found this so I am testing it out now.

Today, check out this site and save a tree…  and a landfill.

Happy Earth Day!

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Late Monday Mind Dump

  • What a great week last week was!
  • The builder’s meeting was fun to take along friends…
  • On Wednesday Brad came over for dinner and stayed and played Wii with Al and I!  That was awesome… he is so busy we don’t see him much.
  • I posted a fun blog that drew in a lot of great comments….  see it here
  • My 401 class rocks and I LOVE the book we are reading
  • A group of us went to the Movie The Other Boleyn Girl on Thursday… see review here
  • I received a really fun invite to my cousins wedding in June
  • Justin had the front page of the school newspaper on the Honduras food bagging event
  • Wendys restaurant is donating all the chili for the food bagging event!  WOW!!!
  • I connected with a group from Teen Challenge and will be assisting with their silent auction for their benefit dinner on June 13th. 
  • On Saturday I started my Group Power Class at the YMCA….    “ow”
  • Grace Class will be winding down in a few weeks and we are just really getting into it….  I’ll miss it.
  • I finally – FINALLY put the peep pics with the article…  check it
  • Justin received the scholarship from the Dispatch today!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!
  • Friday will kick off my adventures in garage saleing!

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Hunting Season is ON!!!

I was driving through town on Friday and at a stoplight near the YMCA… I seen it…. there it was all shiny and moving in the wind and I held my breath….

A Garage Sale Sign.

I think this must be the same rush men get at the start of deer hunting and see that first deer.  I swear my trigger finger must have jerked in anticipation of digging quarters out of my purse …

I have friends who will agree with this time of year…  this is a time for:

  • Finding loads of great books (best prices can cover me most of the year!)
  • craft supplies for my ongoing projects in scrapbooking
  • Toys for IHN
  • Items for our cabin
  • picture frames
  • so much more!!!!

I usually get to hang out with a friend or two during this time so that is fun to map out our “hunting teritory” and go.  I also really enjoy chatting with the people who run the sales.  I see long lost friends and meet new people all in one outing. 

My hunting season does not require a special brightly colored outfit, a mild colored cotton shirt and capri’s will suffice.  I also do not need to invest in a lot of prep for the season.  Perhaps an oil change on the Durango but that’s it. I don’t have to be quiet during the sale and in fact can shout out in happiness if I find that special item with (hopefully) no annoying looks from other shoppers.  Probably the most important difference of all is I do not have to spray anything unmentionable on me to attract the sale to me.  I just have to follow directions and go.  ; )



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What Would Your Name Have Been?

A fun conversation emerged in the office recently… what would your name have been if you would have been born the opposite sex? 

For me… if I would have been a boy my name would have been Rory.  Apparently, as I was told, there was a great western actor Rory Calhoun who I would have been named after.  Hoo boy… maybe that’s why I really don’t like country music….. 

So there’s mine… come on everybody – can’t wait to hear … what would your name have been?

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Picking Up The Pieces…

Mark spoke this past Sunday about being broken for God.  Obviously I have heard this before and I am sure, like many of you – can oh so relate to being broken… again…. and again… and again.

This message has stuck with me through out the begining of this week and I find myself thinking about the many times I have been broken and with that always came drastic and major changes.  Heck, I was broken before I even knew what broken was.

I think back to the first major brokeness on my life which was the loss of my father and sister in the house fire.  Our whole life changed.  We had no home, we moved to Alaska for a year where I completed the 9th grade… we eventually rebuilt – not only a home… but a life of broken pieces that we desperately attempted to put back together… with very little God.

The second large brokeness came 16 years later when mom and Richard died in the car accident in 1996.  Again I am picking up shattered pieces (I can think of no better way to describe this) and trying to move on – again with very little God… and walking forward on very shaky ground.  I can hardly tell you what that first year was like.  This resulted in another major move – to my parents home where Al and I raised our two boys and began again.  This time however – we were searching and we were being Called… but we really didn’t know Who was calling…

The third big time I found myself broken was when my best friend of many years chose to walk away from our friendship.  She was like a sister to me and the pain of losing that friendship was as real as losing a real sister.  This time however… through the pain I found God.  And through God I was able to look back at my life and see my path – broken and jagged… yet slowly moving towards Him. 

My heart, I am certain, is a patched up broken mess that looks like a thrown out road map… but circling it now… are God’s Hands… holding it all together.  For this I am eternally grateful.


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Monday Mind Dump…

  • The weather took out my weekend plans to go North… but instead I had a much needed relaxing weekend at home with no agenda… (my favorite weekends!)
  • Our neighbor passed away in the early morning hours of Friday and I am saddened by the loss.
  • Most of Friday was spent with Chance… we took a bit of a road trip in the a.m. and then relaxed in the afternoon and evening with an unspecified amount of Bomberman on Wii.
  • Al plowed from 3 a.m. on Friday to 2 p.m., slept a couple hours and hit it again until 7 p.m.
  • On Saturday Al and I hung out and watched his final episodes of Lost Season 3. We are caught up!
  • I am itching to get into this week…. I have a new energy!
  • Brad is coming over for dinner of Wednesday and I am excited to spend time with him. Hopefully he is up for Bomberman. I believe I can take him. ; )
  • I finished my May book club read for our club last week… see the review here
  • I am now reading Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortinson
  • April 14th is the day I know the most birthdays! This day is my fathers birthday, my uncle Kevin, my best friend from High School Traci, and my good friend Helen’s! Happy birthday everyone!!!

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Walking through Paradise…

My weekend so far has been bitter sweet. On Thursday evening, Al and I heard the sirens coming out and fade as they neared our home. I looked out the window and seen the ambulance at our neighbors home… an elderly man around his 70’s who’s wife had passed away two winters ago. This afternoon we found out that he too has went Home. Today, from my office, I can see his house and I think about his last night there. I know he was ready to go home to be with God… we had talked about this. Yet now I look out on to the house and it seems so cold and empty and it tears at my heart that I will never wave at him again or see him on my doorstep with little trinkets he had made for us (one year a game for the boys, another year a Cross…)

Today we get a call from a friend of mine who was in my book club until cancer has taken her away from getting out much. She doesn’t live far from us and is asking if Al could plow her yard. Of course he will and she tells me to have him come to the door so she can pay him. “No,” I say, “We want to do this.” She practically weeps her gratitude on the phone and my heart tears again. Here is this beautiful woman who through her illness has become closer to God – each day reading her Bible and she glows with His love. She talks to me about waiting to dance with Jesus and I promise to stop by soon, and the truth is I am excited to spend time with her and hear about her faith journey.

Tonight, I reflect on these two lives that are a part of me. Through conversations and time together I have learned about their walk. I feel as though I stand on the edge of paradise as one moves on to his new life and one waits patiently but excitably for her turn.

I for one am better for having known them both.

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The Funk – Phase II

I was unaware that Funks could have phases, but now I believe they do. It is April 11th, and as anyone who lives anywhere near the Brainerd Lakes area knows – we have just been through a snow storm. I look out my window and can not believe it is April. Funkedy funky funk.

Yesterday afternoon, I put myself in Super Woman mode (my “bionicness” even astounded me!). I multi tasked my way through town taking care of business deposits, faxing prevailing wage information, handling business calls on my cell phone, taking time to get a much needed hair cut, and then finally to the grocery store where I planned out this weekends needs in the event that we would not be going too far from home with the weather coming in.

(Oh, wait for it… the funk part is coming…)

So…. why is it that when I get home and I am putting things away and cleaning up around the kitchen I start to notice the following things….

  1. When I go to start the dishwasher I suddenly remember that I had used the last of the dishwashing liquid on the previous dishes…. (not sure if you can put regular soap in the dishwasher – but I did yesterday)
  2. I take the laundry downstairs to get a load going while I prep supper and recall that the laundry soap is also pretty much gone and I find myself adding water to the residue that is in the container and shaking it to get the last bit out.
  3. I take the garbage out and come in to put the fresh bag in and pull the last one out of the Glad box. (Believe me, that did not leave me feeling very “Glad.”)
  4. As all this is happening I have this vague recollection of our son Justin coming to take toilet paper out of our bathroom two days ago because he said we were out in the main bathroom and he also informed me that he took the last roll.

Which leads me to: WHY DOES EVERYTHING RUN OUT AT THE SAME TIME? (The Funk has now gone a bit humorous….. )

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