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Yet Another Late Mind Dump…. :)

  • Coming back from the Women of Faith conference I held that high over the week!  Nicole C Mullen was incredible as was the conference (see post and pictures below)
  • A nice low key week to get things done at home and in offices.
  • Friday Al and I hung out at home and ordered pizza in and watched Heroes!  Oh yeah!!!
  • Saturday I went to Fargo with my friends, Heidi, Sarah, and Cindy for a shopping day and to celebrate Heidi and Cindy’s October birthdays.  We had some great shopping time – and ate at Hu Hot – Mongolian style!!!  Yum!!!
  • Chance stayed with us for the weekend and he was able to go to a movie with Justin, a haunted house, and played WII with me.  Then he watched my dodgeball game at the church Sunday evening.
  • Monday evening had dinner with Key, Sandi, and Julie at Grizzleys!  Great grilled chicken strawberry salad and that Poppy seed dressing is dangerously good!!!
  • On Tuesday (this morning) I had my third weigh in on my “better eating” conquest and I have lost 10 pounds now!!!  WOO HOO!!!!!
  • Also this morning I found a bird that wouldnt fly and in the process of trying to help him he flew on to my shoe and sat there…  NO KIDDING!!!  Amanda was with me and took a few pictures of this event.  After a while he did fly – and yes, he was as big as he looks in the picture!  He did eventually fly up into a tree so I am prayerful that he is ok now.

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Women of Faith Conference 2008

Well… it was another one of those weekends where I look back on it and can not believe the blessings involved in spending a whole weekend with such a great group of women from my friends, to the speakers, the the musicians…

This past weekend 36 of us left our little corner of the world.  Some of us left on Thursday afternoon, some came Thursday night and others traveled Friday morning.  Destination – the Excel Center in St. Paul Minneapolis for the Women of Faith Conference.

Spending the weekend with such great speakers as Anita Renfroe, Patsy Clairmont, Marilyn Meberg, Sheila Walsh, Lucy Swindoll…. AND getting to listen to Nicole C Mullen – LIVE!  Well… come on…

I cant say enough that if you have not been part of this conference before – you are missing out!  We have pre purchased 36 tickets for next years event which will be held the third weekend in October.  Check out the website, and sign up soon through me… the tickets will be gone before you know it!  Women of Faith website

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Another late Monday Mind Dump…

  • Talk about your crazy weeks!  Winding down from the awesome Missions Banquet weekend a week ago and still pinching myself to make sure I really did see Pastor Jorge right here in Brainerd Minnesota… in my church… in my town… at a banquet at Breezy Point Resort!
  • Last Monday I layed low…. tired and worn out from the events…
  • Tuesday I worked like crazy in the office trying to get it all done so I could have Wednesday as a crash day and Thursday off to Women of Faith…. (left the office at 5:00 pm…, started at 7:00 a.m.)
  • Wednesday totally backfired. I spent the morning trying to work out space for the Ministry Fair… totally NOT relaxing… but all worked out in the end.
  • Thursday – off to Women of faith which was amazing and so fun to see all the new girls who joined us this year!
  • Friday and Saturday we were at the conference in St Paul Minnesota…  it was wonderful!!!
  • Sunday – tired and worn out (again!)  Cancelled a few things off my plate so I could just re coop…

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Missions Weekend

Do you ever have one of those moments that are just so amazing… so incredibly unbelievable… you kind of look back and are still in awe that it happened?  My whole weekend has been that way.

It started Thursday when I was working at the church office and in enters Pastor Jorge and his wife Marta all the way from Honduras.  All the way from where I met him, 4+years ago in a place called Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where he runs a church and is (through Gods vision) the founder of Manuelito in Talanga, the home for street kids. To see him here – in my world…. that is just too amazing for words.

And it continues from there… Friday I see him as we set up for the Missions Banquet at Breezy Point Resort and I am able to talk to him about the pictures he wants to show for his presentation that evening, and again on Saturday morning where a group of us have brunch with him and Marta at Pastor Mark and Elizabeth’s home, and then that evening at Cozy Bay where we share dinner together and stories… and then again on Sunday at the church where he greets people in the parking lot with Tim Lake and talks during each service.

It is like a dream that I don’t feel quite awakened from… I think over the next few days after he is back in Honduras and I am here in Minnesota as the temperature continues to drop and the trees reluctantly give up their vibrant colors, I will think back to this weekend and fall on a knee in praises to a God bigger than I can put into my head… that can make weekends like this happen.

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Banquet Morning…

Last year I took some time the night before the Missions Banquet to reflect how God comes through… time after time, blazing with color – and I stand in awe.  Reviewing last years post on Banquet Eve, I seen that once again I had let those doubts creep in.  I get concerned about ticket sales, auction items, the set up, the details… only to once again be in this same position as I am in this morning…. tired but excited, knowing, knowing, knowing, that God is in the details.

I was hoping to come home and write this last night but I was so tired I hurt.  Now that I sit here with a big cup of coffee and still in my pj’s… I smile.  Last year at this time, I was already on the run to continue the set up for this event… but this year, it actually worked where we all are getting a little breather this morning before we hit it again… and I feel a real sense of peace.  God has once again planted the right people, and as always, in His timing… I feel we are on the verge of seeing Him once again Shine His Light on this event.

It starts with a little motley crew of people….

Sandi Colbenson – so busy with life and planning another banquet next month and she steps in with a heart bigger than her and grabs hold of the auction and runs with it!  Yeah!

Sarah Goodrow – through everything on her plate and three sweet kids, she serves selflessly and goes above and beyond with making calls to give tickets, picking up items for the auction, and set up.  She is Super Sarah.

Julie Eiesland – Who amazes me how she listens to God and feels Him call her to lend a hand and follows that call.  Her prep work on this auction was wonderful and saved us hours of time.

Pam Beaulieu – heart of gold, working her job and giving what time she can.  Her and her husbands generousity to load up and deliver the auction items in one truck load is wonderful!

Nicole Colbenson – another hard working girl who comes to the meeting and helps with the planning and the prep work and the eventual cleaning up last night!  🙂

Kari Lake – who has been working over a week now on centerpieces for the banquet.

To Bret and Suzette who generously have taken Pastor Jorge and his wife Marta for the weekend out at their resort so they have a wonderful and comfortable place to stay

To the Missions Team and the Missions Elder who sold tickets and brought in items ( and Tim who gets to take the banquet live from here – and thats no easy task!)

To all the small groups who planned amazing baskets – (LOVE the ideas!) to support the auction! 

To those who gave generously of time, energies, tickets, grabbing donations, all of you… I look at what God has put together and feel blessed to be a part of it. 

My prayer for tonights event is that it generates mission knowledge, interest, and funds to provide missions in our area, state, country, and world, a little something more.  That the attendees have an amazing time, an amazing meal, and most of all – that everyone feels Gods pressence tonight at Breezy Point. 

God I give it all to you.  You have blessed us all so much in this amazing adventure we call life.  May we continue to run the race for You and finish well.

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Life in a Tree

Trees fascinate me.  I think they are most remarkable and they do so much…. (shade, shelter, provide fire for warmth…)  But it is in the Seasons when they really shine.  I like to think about the tree throughout the year and how it compares to us in our faith.

In the spring the tree comes to life – there are brilliant buds that will blossom in time… they hold the promise of whats to come as the tree slowy but surely fills out its bare limbs with new life.

Then comes summer and the tree now stands magnificantly, full of life, tall and proud and appears unmovable.  It is something to see as it stands amother other trees… a brilliant scene of green.

Yet in the fall… is when the tree really shines.  One by one they shake off the green and showcase instead brilliant colors.  You can see the difference in them.  Theres something about trees in the fall… they give you a sense of peace, as your eyes take in the delight of their profile.  It is wonderful to see a landscape of trees and one in the middle full of bright oranges and reds while the others are still green.  It is though the tree is making a statement, “Look at me – I dare to take the next step!”  And soon, the rest follow. 

Then as the cold seeps into the air, their final step is taken.  They shake off the leaves entirely and face this next season bare and ready… to be born again.

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Monday… Tuesday (DOH!) Mind Dump

  • Last week was busy with Banquet prep and meetings
  • Chance and I played kickball on Tuesday – it was a bit cold!!!!  Al came and watched.
  • Stayed home over weekend… it was nice knowing that was my last “no commitment” weekend for October. 
  • This week I am off to a busy start… payroll, cookbook completion and mailing, banquet prep and a full weekend of events! 

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