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Acts Of Random Kindness

Anyone who has been within 10 feel of me in the last two week knows how great I thought the new movie Evan Almighty was.  The theme is based on God asking Evan Baxter, to build an Ark. 

The movie itself is funny and a joy for all ages, but the underlining story is what has held me.  The Acts of Random Kindness that is the center theme of this film is so simple to understand that I want to shout to the world “COME ON!!!”  The ACTS are as simple as giving a drink of water to a stray dog, help someone balance their check book, let someone in front of you in line at the store, say something nice to someone…

The world is so quick to judge others and I wish that we were all more like Jesus every day.  Patient and understanding.  Good – not for show, but because we all know it is right. 

This movie to me was a great reminder of all the opportunities God gives us each and every day and how many of those go unseen because we are too busy doing life.  Please everyone, open your eyes to what God has put before you.  See people and opportunities.  See God.


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