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McDonalds – An odd blog story

Back in May, I had a funny (or not…) experience at McDonalds on my way to work.  I wrote a blog on it because I felt it to be blog worthy.

Last week I was looking at Blog post stats on my blog.  The stats are a little scale that shows you how many times your blog has been looked at in a given day, week, month…  it also tells you which blog posts are being read.

So last week I am surprised to see that this old McDonalds blog post has suddenly been looked at 170 times on Wednesday.  On Thursday it went to 228….  at first I thought it was funny, thinking maybe corporate McDonalds had stumbled across it and was using it as an example of what is wrong in today’s fast food world…

… then, by day three… I started to panic and think it was a bad thing it was getting so many hits… and maybe I was in trouble for talking about McDonalds and using a McDonalds picture… (hey, I am from Brainerd… things can easily freak me out).  Perhaps Ronald himself was going to come knocking on my door…

Then I went to the image pages and seen that many people have used McDonalds images and what they were saying was pretty intense compared to my silly little post.

And then – after 4 days of receiving a total of over 750 hits on this sad lonely blog I tracked down that it was coming from Google pictures and my McDonalds picture was #3 on the Google “McDonalds” image page.  I was told this was an amazing accomplishment.  I still think it was wierd.

And now… its over.  I go to Google Images and I can not even find my McDonalds picture in the first 30+ pages. My blog stats have settled to normal hits.  And I am left with the funny memory.

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Cold Monday Mind Dump

  • Last week we had a good Banquet Meeting on Monday…it amazes me how fast this is coming up and we are prayerful for many – many tickets to be sold.
  • Tuesdays kickball was actually pretty fun!  Chance went with me and played the two games and we won one game and came close the next!
  • I had a funny experience with an old blog on mine on McDonalds… more about this later
  • On Thursday the downtown Brainerd Walk About was fun and two of our group (Amber and Joelle) won prizes!
  • On Friday I left for the North Shore with three of my girlfriends from Wal-Mart.  We had a blast going through Gooseberry Falls, up to Grand Marais, and mostly hanging out at our cabin eating great food, and playing board games.  TONS of laughter! (See pics below…)
  • I actually accomplished some reading time over the past few days and have almost finished my book club classic, as well as two others.  Reviews to come soon…

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“Spiritual House Keeping”

Over the past few weeks I have felt strongly called to step back from many of the different things I do and take a season to re evaluate where God wants me.

I have a tenancy to dive into projects and commitments, heart first – and rarely take the time to give it to God first for His input.  I feel a lot of times I make a decision to “GO” and attempt to drag God along with me…  and recently I have become aware that not only is this exhausting me… it isn’t even remotely the right way to go about things.

So… with a heavy heart… this past week I did a bit of Spiritual Housekeeping.  I have prayed on this for direction and felt I needed to step back from many of my ministries to take this time for God to have the lead in my life and show me His will… not mine.

What I have found out so far – is that this decision of letting go, was way more painful than I anticipated.  I have found myself in tears over these decisions many times over the past week and would like to write it off as the fact that I have not been feeling well so I am more emotional, but I don’t think that is true.  I am finding out that the roles I serve in are very important to me and letting them go has left me struggling in a white knuckled way of trying to hang on to them… knowing that God is patiently but firmly saying, “Let Go.”

So here I am.  Feeling broken like I haven’t in a long time.  And as much as this is killing me… the brokeness makes me believe I am on the right track.  Pray for me… to hold strong… and that this Season isn’t long…

Ephesians 1:11 (The Message)

11-12 It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone.

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Monday Mind Dump

  • Wow – what a week of sinus BLAH that kept me pretty much doing nothing much… 🙂
  • Tuesday skipped out on my Kickball game because of the BLAH and found out we nearly won our first game…. hmmm… what does that mean?
  • Stayed home pretty much the whole weekend doing a bit of housecleaning
  • Sunday had a great day – hung our with Chance in the morning and then we went back home to watch a movie.  Sunday evening went out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with Brad and Justin was working so that was cool.
  • Looking forward to this week… feeling a bit better today and slept about 10 hours last night so an excited to get back on track!

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Monday… nope, Tuesday Mind Dump

Wow… where has the time gone?  Well…. I am about to tell you what I have been up to this past week that would cause me to write my Monday Blog late:

  • This past week we had the staff outing which was a blast (see blog entry below)
  • Friday we had dinner with Karol and Jim Kruse in Breezy Point and went to see their cabin they just invested in.
  • Saturday we went to an employees wedding party at his home and celebrated with him and his new bride.
  • Sunday we had church and then Al’s 40th birthday party at Choppers.  I had prepped this party for weeks in advance and it had a wonderful turn out!  Yay!
  • Since Sunday I have been feeling a bit blah with the weather changes and now have a sinus infection which has pretty much knocked the energy out of me and I am probably a bit crabby too.
  • I have since been working on Mission Banquet invites and moving ahead as that is coming up on October 10th already!  Wow!!!
  • I am planning a Boot Camp Idea going into October but more on that later….

The truth is I have been playing a game on line that I love after all I have been such a past fan of Final Fantasy and Zelda…. of course this new found challenge would sweep me right up…. KNIGHTHOOD on Facebook.  Oh yeah, I am that big of a geek.  I love the attacks, the building, the competition.  I am totally in to this and that is the main reason my mind dump is late this week.    True story.

Seriously… you have to try this if you like strategy games.

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Team Building Event: Kayaking!

Once of twice a year, our staff team plans a Team Building event.  This time, it was my turn to pick and so I chose an activity I love to do… but don’t get to do it very often:  kayaking.

On Tuesday, instead of all heading into the office for a day of meetings like we normally do… we put on a little layered “outdoor wear” and headed for Crooked Lake.  Al Steiff generously offered to be our guide (with little to no arm twisting) and off we went with 4 kayaks and two canoes. 

The day turned out to be beautiful – the temperature was above average from what we had experienced lately and it was nice not to be bundled up in the sweatshirts and coats we had thought we would need.  The lake was calm and gorgeous and we had a great time exploring little nooks and crannies.

Around noon we stopped at a small island and enjoyed a packed lunch and a little time to just hang out and chat.  Then back to the lake and heading back in.  It was fun to see Mike and Aaron experience this for the first time. 

Later that evening we went out to Mark’s house with our spouses and enjoyed steaks on the grill, a fabulous dinner, and a great end to a wonderful day. 

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Monday Mind Dump

  • We had a great weekend last weekend and coming back into town on Monday made the week go by all the faster!
  • Tuesday kick ball was fun – we actually scored a few points – ha ha! 
  • Thursday had dinner with Sandi, Key, and Julie at Grizzley’s.  As always – great food and conversation and lots and lots fo laughs!  Welcome back Sandi!!!
  • Friday, Al and I went to a movie that was so incredibly bad, I am embarassed to admit I went to it!  I thought it would be funny – but for the most part, it was just dumb.
  • Saturday I delivered chairs to Mike Knott for his church in Bemidji.  We met in Walker for the trade ff so “Road Trip!”
  • Saturday evening Al and I went for a motorcycle ride with Dan. Key, Greg, Bernie, Bob, Sandy, Mark, Corrina, John, Tris, Jim, and Sally.  We went to the Casino for dinenr and then rode back.  This was Al’s first ride in the dark but he did great!
  • Sundays tailgate party was a lot of fun!  See the blog post and pictures below.

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Tailgate Party!!!

On Sunday we had a great time after second service!  In the parking lot we planned a tailgate party to kick off our fall small group event – 40 Days of Purpose.  The weather could not have cooperated better.  In the morning it rained, stopped, we had time to set up, enjoy the party, and then around 3 pm when things were pretty much tore down – it rained again.  Perfect timing!

Everyone was so into this event!  They brought out their grills and fryers and we had two pigs that were grilled up, corn on the cob (which people raved about!), fried fish, salads, desserts, chips, burgers, hot dogs, brats, vegies…  about 250 people attended this event right out in the parking lot.

What a great event!  I had a chance to talk with people I didn’t even know!  I loved how everyone got into it and the relation building was fantastic!  This should be a yearly fall event! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the set up, tear down, and joining in the community building!

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Facebook – The Verdict Is In…

It has been about two weeks since I started my adventures in Facebook.  As in most things I do, I dove right in… no need to mess around, no –  I wanted to know more about this thing called Facebook.

Well – I LOVE IT.  I have kept up with friends that I haven’t had a chance to hang with in a while.  I am able to see current pictures and chat on line.  I have played games (which I have always enjoyed!) and I have become a “Celebrity Chef” on Word Challenge and a “Space Ace” on Who Has The BIggest Brain.  I have attempted Knighthood.

The coolest thing – I have touched base with classmates that I haven’t seen or spoke to in years… many years.  I am totally hooked.  EVERYONE should have a Facebook account.  It out ranks anything else I have tried. 

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Do You Ever Feel No One is Listening?

No more!  (At least for the next two days anyway!)  In the fjords of western Norway, an extremely cool telecommunications-themed art project has been taking place for the past few weeks. The Telemegaphone is a 23-foot loudspeaker, erected on top of a mountain, that receives phone calls and then projects the voices (your voice when you call) out over the lovely and remote village of Dale. So, feel like no one will listen to you? A Norwegian would — isn’t it good? Get the phone number and learn more at the website. But you’d better hurry — on September 6, all goes silent. The reason: Deer season begins, and they don’t want to scare the animals.

Check out the website here

View a satellite image of Dale, Norway

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