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Women of Faith Recap

Wow!  We have returned safe and sound from the Women of Faith Conference.  What an amazing time!  The conference was incredible and I love that 34 of us made out way to Minneapolis Friday morning and we were all able to share in this experience together. 

Being a second time attender, it was so much fun to see it through the first timers eyes.  For those of us who have been there before – we were not dissapointed.  From deep out loud laughter, to tears, to “ah ha” moments… I think we went through every emotion.  We are pre registered for 35 people for next year.

I don’t how to thank everyone enough for coming together and saying “yes,” to this.  So thank you Karol, Suzette, Bonnie, Bernie, Sandi, Jennifer, Ellie, Nancy, Julie M., Lisa K., Chrissy, Amber, Julie E., Pam, Lanie, Susan, Anne, Kristi, Camille, Annette, Trish, Chantelle, Betty, Kate, Joelle, Deb B, Deb, Michele, Janet, Joan, and Lisa S.

It wouldn’t have been the same without any on you.  Thank you Sisters!

Update on this blog on 10/22/07: 

4,006 women indicated first-time decisions,
inviting Christ to be their Savior over the weekend.

634 children were sponsored through
World Vision during the St. Paul conference.



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