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Monday AFTERNOON Mind Dump

  •  Piper (our rabbit) is a hoot.  She chases our dog, Bailey.
  • Catch up day – I am working out of my home office today.
  • Women of Faith this weekend was WOW!  Check out the blog(s) on it below.
  • I am still processing Sunday service.  It has left me a bit drained.  I slept a lot on Sunday late afternoon.
  • This morning I had breakfast with three of my great friends (sisters!)
  • Full speed ahead to Make a Difference Day.  ARK wanted…
  • I have adjusted my work schedule to a new level of sanity.  This is week two.  Week one worked out pretty slick.
  • You would think I would have finished the book ‘Silenced’ by now… but no.  Today perhaps…
  • Payroll… payroll… payroll….
  • This weekend I learned that no is a complete sentence.  I can not forget it as I was told to write it down by my so called friends (ha ha) and they stared at me until I caved.  Maybe I should have said no?  ; )
  • Over the last 24 hours I have thought a lot about my sister and what she would be like if she were still here today.  Then I get a bit overwhelmed when I think of the abundance of sisters God has provided me with on this earth until I can be with Tara again.

October 22, 2007 - Posted by | Just me

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