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Monday Mid Afternoon Mind Dump

  • Saturdays event for Make a Difference Day -WOW!  I am still so amazed!!!  (See blog entry below for pictures and details!)
  • Saving the world – one bird at a time.  Brett (Children’s Pastor) myself, and Larry from the school went and captured a bird that was trapped in the library from our Saturday event when someone left a window open.
  • Interfaith housing is our turn this week.  We are at First Presbyterian for this week.  My overnight is with my buddy Sandi on Thursday.  There are currently 14 people!
  • Al and I have now graduated to Season 4 of 24.  Al is trying to get his cell phone to ring like the phones at CTU do…  hoo boy….
  • Finished the book Silenced this past week as well as Winning On Purpose.  Silenced was not so impressive… dragged quite a bit, and Winning on Purpose was good and had a lot of interesting ideas.
  • I am ready to read something lighter now.  Picked up a book at Women of Faith on short stories… might be a little too fluffy, we will see.
  • Tonight the Women’s Ministry team meets to plan out the retreat in January
  • Piper likes Kit Kats (See picture below)
  • I love, love, love, the comments on the blogs…. thanks everyone!

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