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Team Building Event: Kayaking!

Once of twice a year, our staff team plans a Team Building event.  This time, it was my turn to pick and so I chose an activity I love to do… but don’t get to do it very often:  kayaking.

On Tuesday, instead of all heading into the office for a day of meetings like we normally do… we put on a little layered “outdoor wear” and headed for Crooked Lake.  Al Steiff generously offered to be our guide (with little to no arm twisting) and off we went with 4 kayaks and two canoes. 

The day turned out to be beautiful – the temperature was above average from what we had experienced lately and it was nice not to be bundled up in the sweatshirts and coats we had thought we would need.  The lake was calm and gorgeous and we had a great time exploring little nooks and crannies.

Around noon we stopped at a small island and enjoyed a packed lunch and a little time to just hang out and chat.  Then back to the lake and heading back in.  It was fun to see Mike and Aaron experience this for the first time. 

Later that evening we went out to Mark’s house with our spouses and enjoyed steaks on the grill, a fabulous dinner, and a great end to a wonderful day. 


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Tailgate Party!!!

On Sunday we had a great time after second service!  In the parking lot we planned a tailgate party to kick off our fall small group event – 40 Days of Purpose.  The weather could not have cooperated better.  In the morning it rained, stopped, we had time to set up, enjoy the party, and then around 3 pm when things were pretty much tore down – it rained again.  Perfect timing!

Everyone was so into this event!  They brought out their grills and fryers and we had two pigs that were grilled up, corn on the cob (which people raved about!), fried fish, salads, desserts, chips, burgers, hot dogs, brats, vegies…  about 250 people attended this event right out in the parking lot.

What a great event!  I had a chance to talk with people I didn’t even know!  I loved how everyone got into it and the relation building was fantastic!  This should be a yearly fall event! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the set up, tear down, and joining in the community building!

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The Purse Auction!

Thank you to everyone who donated their gently used, great condition purses!  We had a great time at our “mock auction” using our TJN dollars and spending like money comes right from the printer!   (Uh… in this case it did…)

The big winner of the night was a purse that went for $480 dollars!  Runners up included a fiesty bid war on a colorful purse that finally closed out at $240.

With plenty of horduerves, and never empty glass of ginger ale, the ladies that were able to attend had a great time!  We hope to do this again next year so keep those nice purses for a fun girls night out in August 2009.

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“Graffiti Sunday”

So… on Sunday we had a little fun after church – we marked up a lot of cars with graffiti! (ok, ok… we had permission)

The Missions Team planned this event to get the word out about The Journey North. We had a list of possible choices for the vehicles such as “Got God?, Jeans Preferred, Come as you are, Follow me… and then the TJN web address.

The point of all of this was to get the free advertising for the church through those who attend. Our timing was to reflect on the upcoming holiday weekend when extra people will be hanging around town. The Youth Group was a great help with this project and it really was a lot of fun to do with positive results! We wrote on over 50 vehicles!

Check out the pics!

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Mink Lake Camp…

I just came off a three day stay at Mink Lake Camp and I am always amazed at how hard it is to arrange the time to go (adjusting schedules, working late the week prior, finding people to fill in… yet when I get there, the world stops and I don’t want to come back. There is nothing like getting away from the daily grind of phones and commitments and just letting go and letting God.

For those who have been there – they know the peace of this area. The relationships that are built and built on. Every time I have went I have either met someone new or furthered a relationship with someone I kind of knew. This year – I was able to do both.

If you haven’t gone…. I can’t stress enough what a magical place this is. I took lots of pictures this time so everyone can really get a good look at the camp. This August there will be Family Camp sponsored by TJN. If you are interested, contact the church at 824-5617 or leave a message here and I will contact you with more details.

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Sunday’s Skit

skit.jpgIf you were at The Journey North on Sunday you were able to see an amazing skit performed by our drama team.

Here is a link to that skit on God Tube: Check it out here

Oh – and grab the kleenex! (Great job Drama Team!!!)

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Great Blog!

I was doing a little catching up on some of the blogs I like to follow this morning and found that I had not read Bob’s at Temple Baptist recently.  So checking it out found a couple great blog stories –

1.  The carpet going into the Soup Kitchen!  Wow – that is so great!  I love that community is working together for this. 

2.  Bob has posted a set of pictures of Temple through the years and with it an incredible song by Third Day. 

See Bob’s words here at Sticking With It

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Team Building

This past Tuesday, the Staff Team met at Pastor Mark’s home for our weekly staff meeting over a fantastic breakfast.  After our regular meeting we went on to our next event… 4 wheeling.

What a fantastic time!  How great was it to see a team of The Journey North Pastors and myself go flying down trails into Pillager to a great coffee shop called Shante.  I highly recommend this stop, great atmosphere, gift items, and coffee and treat selections.  We enjoyed a little time there and then back on the trail again. 

I really enjoyed seeing us all out of our regular day to day roles.  I am a big believer in doing things like this to get to know each other better as a team, as well as friends.  We then went back to Mark’s house to conclude our event.  The weather was perfect!  It was a lot of fun (even my minor wipe out…) 

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We are back! Ten of us from The Journey North drove to Minneapolis on Friday afternoon to be part of the Revolve Conference. Revolve is the Teenage Girl version of Women of Faith.

So our five youth: Mari, Johanna, Asha, Jackie, and Rebecca… and 5 adults: Elizabeth, Suzette, Karen, Jennifer, and myself had the privledge of listening to great music live from Hawk Nelson, KJ 52, Natalie Grant and Ayeisha Woods. We also listened to Chad Eastham talk about The Truth About Guys’. The girls taught us that with Orbit gum, you can eat the wrapper on the gum. At least, I hope that is true… because they told me it was… and I did it. (The peer pressure was ENORMOUS!)

The event was fantastic starting at 7 pm on Friday evening and ending Saturday at 4 pm. I have to smile to myself when I think about learning Hip Hop moves not only with the youth girls but with the adult girls – Suzette, Elizabeth, Karen, and Jennifer.

Thank you Jennifer for lining up this event for our girls! High five!!!

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Feeding Children International – Make A Difference Day

What a day…. where do I begin? A year ago when it was just a blip on our radar screen and we thought the cost too high for us to do anything with? Or March of this year when we tossed it around again and let it go….

I believe it really began to become a reality for us when Honduras hit a food emergency in areas where people were dying of starvation. This was no longer a “maybe” situation, it was a mission that we felt directly from God.

And it truly was. The right connections fell into place, doors opened wide… people came forward from other states offering their insight and their assistance in making this happen. Planning the day to coincide with our raking day was a good thought, and only later did we realize we had also planned this event on the National Make A Difference Day. Wow… this became so big we knew there was no way this was us making this happen – this was all God.

Today the truck arrived at 9 a.m. and at 11:00 a.m. we started bagging the food. We believed that today we could bag 20,000 if God provided many hands and funds to make this happen. He did. About 200 people from TJN, and from our community joined forces for a greater cause. It was an incredible sight to see. People mixing ingredients, bagging food, weighing food, sealing the bags, boxing the bags, placing the boxes on carts that were hauled outside and palletized… and loaded back on the truck.

At 3:00 p.m. the dust began to clear and this great team of people continued to serve God by assisting in the clean up. When all was said and done, 50, 112 bags were filled.

50, 112. Could you just cry?

The power of God was upon us today. You could feel it. The day was beautiful for this event as well as the raking. The community pulled together, called to this great cause. Called through prayer, called through that tug on their heart that said, “Go… Do this for Me…”

Changing the world in His name. I am in awe.

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