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Monday Mind Dump…

  • I layed pretty low last week with the heavy weekend I had previously I was kind of zapped out of energy
  • Al had moved the office that has been in our home since we started the business 7 years ago, to the new shop office
  • This move motavated me to complete a dream I have had for years and that was to have an in home library… I spent two days working on shelves and setting up the room and then pulling books that I have all over in every room to one central area.  It is incredible! 
  • It was exciting to see that in the past 7 days I have completed two big goals – one was the library and the other was to do the 50 mile bike tour after I had turned 40.
  • I completed The SummerHouse and Return to Summerhouse books by Jude Deveroux.  See review here.
  • This week I get to kyak with Justin Tuesday afternoon and then later in the evening Justin, Chance, and I are going to go to the new Batman movie.
  • On Wednesday Brad is coming over for supper and I am making the Honduras hotdish he likes.
  • This coming weekend I am excited to do an event with Chance sponsered by Lakes Area Wheelers where we get to go baha-ing through the trails in Pequot Lakes!  (Check out the pic below!)


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