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Tour of Saints This Sunday!

tour of saintsI am totally STOKED!  This coming Sunday is the Tour of Saints Bike Tour in St Joseph Minnesota.  I havent signed up because I wasn’t sure if I could make time to go… I’ve went back and forth on it, then my cousin Jarrid called today and he said we are going.  YEAH!  Guess I just needed a little push.  🙂

I love this bike tour and this will probably be the last one I get in before the September 175 mile.

Here is last years Tour of Saints

Here is the link to their website


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Tour of Saints Bike Tour (50 miles!)

On Sunday – I was a part of the Tour of Saints Bike Tour in St Joseph Minnesota!  I was so excited!!!  I have been a part of this tour 4 times now.  The first time was in 2004 and I completed the 50 mile tour.  The two times following the weather had been so awful in 2005 and in 2006 that I took the shorter run and completed the 35 mile part of the tour.

This year I was so determined to go and do the 50.  My cousin Jarrod and his wife Farrah went with me and that was so much fun!  I don’t get a lot of time to catch up with Jarrod, and I have never had a real chance to talk with Farrah so this was a great opportunity to do both.

We left on Saturday at 5:00 pm and with the craziness of working the garage sale all weekend I was already exhausted.  Driving to St Joseph I was just zoned out.  We got to our designated spots where we were staying – they had elected for a hotel and I went to the college dorms where the tour starts and ends.  Once checked in we met up for dinner at Granite City in St Cloud.  Fantastic food and just sitting and talking with these two was great.  I had a chance to share Honduras stories (you know me and Honduras…. ha ha) and they shared a lot about what they have been doing these past few years.  After dinner we went back to our rooms for the night.

On Sunday the sky was clear (YAY!!!) but the wind was incredible (and not in a good way).  We started the tour around 8 am and with the hills and the wind the tour was not as smooth sailing as I had anticipated it to be.  Most of the way the wind was blowing right at us and there was a point that even downhill you had to petal to keep your bike moving.  There were quite a few times that Jarrod and Farrah stopped to wait for me to catch up – I always lost them on the up side of the hills.  I had a great time talking to both of them as I would ride with one for awhile, and then the other.  Jarrod and I went over crazy things we did as kids and memories of us all hanging out together.  With Farrah I was able to learn more about her and I really enjoyed getting to know her.

At about mile 38 I was completely exhausted.  My energy was zapped from the wind that had even become stronger as the ride went on.  At this point it took me so much energy to get up a hill that by the time I got to the down side I was too tired to even enjoy that let alone move.  I was seriously considering calling it quits right there and hating myself for that because I hate to quit on anything.  At this point I was passing a lady who started to talk to me and and as I listened to her talk about her biking events that she does and she pointed way ahead and said, “See that lady in the orange shirt, that’s my sister.”

And I said, “See those two black dots way up ahead, that’s my cousin and his wife.”

We laughed at that and rode together for about 30 minutes and as the road leveled out the ride became easier, the wind settled a bit.  We reached our final pit stop (the third one) where we were able to get water and fruit and even chocolate – oh yeah.  The direction of our tour then changed and we actually were able to ride out the last 10 miles with the wind actually to our back!

I was thrilled to have finished and told Jarrod and Farrah that if it were not for them and I would have taken the shorter route and ended my tour at the 35 mile point.  I would have been disappointed in myself.  It was a tough ride – a hard ride but so worth it!

We stopped for lunch at La Casita where we had fantastic Mexican food before we went our separate ways.  Driving home I was so tired but I had the best time just hanging out with those two and doing the tour.  I am already looking forward to next year!

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June Challenge

I have walked 36 miles — 72% of my goal of 50 miles!!

I found this great little dude (or dudette?) on my friend Amy’s blog (see here). I haven’t been walking, but instead biking and rollerblading and thought it would be cool to keep track. I hadn’t really set a goal until now and would like to finish June out at 50. I am shooting for 100 in July.

Any bike riders or rollerbladers out there that would care to join me?  (Updates to my miles will be on the right hand side bar)

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Workin’ it Blog #4

workin-out.pngQuick check in on my progress. The past 1o days have been extremely busy and my goals have suffered due to this. My work outs were pushed to the way side as I went through two very event filled/ good food filled weekends and have now finished a week of meetings (sometimes two a night).

So – I have some back paddling to do now and I am back on track!

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Working It Blog #3

Here we are … week three of hopefully a life style change of better eating habits and exercise habits. Three weeks ago I blogged on my new Working It topic. Last week, I reported back with Working It Blog #2. Now here I am… still going, struggling through the holidays…(Darn Al’s brother for sending really good chocolates from Florida!) but pressing on.

Since Wednesday, I have only missed one work out. It has been a little hard as we have eaten out several times during this past week but I have tried to make good decisions.  I feel good and have plans to continue on this path.  Stay tuned….


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Working It – Blog #2

workin-out.pngSo, if you back track to last Tuesday (Working It Blog #1), you read that I am planning to blog my way to fitness. I am hopeful that by putting it out there – it will assist in keeping me on track. As promised, I said I would do a weekly check in… so here it is… the good, the bad, and the ugly:

Last Tuesday I went through my usual trying to “talk myself out of a workout”. After getting out of the office later than I had planned I told myself that I needed to get to work on other things and the workout could always start tomorrow. (The word tomorrow making that echoing sound of falseness…)

I stayed true, and drove directly to the YMCA where I dedicated an hour and half to the treadmill and the elliptical. While doing this I realized a few truths about working out that I forgotten:

  1. I really do like the way I feel after I have done something positive for myself.
  2. I don’t like to work out during “high traffic” times so my choice of time worked well.
  3. I read while I work out – so I am actually getting in more reading time! (Feel free to groan here)

As the week continued I missed out on the working out part on Wednesday and Thursday due to busy offices and evening commitments. However I stayed on track on my eating. Friday and Saturday I was back on, Sunday off, Monday on…

For the week I went almost 20 miles between the two machines (elliptical and tread mill). I fill good, and while I let it slide a bit over Christmas… I have every intention to do even better this week!

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Here we Go… Working It Blog #1

Taking on a second office position almost two years ago now really changed my activity level in my life. Don’t get me wrong – I love what I do and find the challenges exciting, the people fascinating… but my energy level – zapped.

In fall 2004 I weighed a little under 120 pounds. I ate healthy, loved to bike ride, rollerblade, lift a little bit of weights and led an active life style. Slowly those patterns have went to the way side with the “busyness” of life. I find by the time I get through with everything I should get done in a day…. I’m tired.

This is hard for me to put in writing because obviously – then it’s out there. However, I am hopeful that by putting it out there, it will encourage me to do better. I have started and stopped so many times in the past two years I couldn’t count. I start each day with the right frame of mind… and usually by evening have decided to wait until the unreachable “tomorrow” and too tired to do any form of working out.

So… in trying to challenge myself. I am posting that I am actively trying really hard to get my act together. I plan to update my progress weekly – which make all of you witnesses and hopefully holds me accountable. Well, that’s the plan anyway.

So – Here We Go! Thanks for tagging along….


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