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Monday Mind Dump

  • Last Tuesday I had a wonderful time with friends at Sue’s home see blog here
  • Thursday we had a good time at the purse auction and some really cute purses went home with some lucky ladies!  See Blog Here
  • Friday we packed up and were off to the cabin for the weekend with friends and we had a blast!  Great weather and a whole lot of fun!
  • On Saturday morning Amy and I got in 10 miles of biking but still put me shamefully short of my goal… that’s what I get for getting cocky….  my September goal is 100 miles. 
  • Over the long weekend I finished the book, Footsteps of a Pilgrim by Ruth Graham Bell (Billy Graham’s wife).  Here is my review
  • I am fast approaching finishing the book The Shack, here is the review of that book

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Bookies Event – Queen Nominations…

Tuesday evening we had our Annual Potluck Picnic/Book Sale/and Queen Nomination for our book club at Kiwanis park. It was a blast! See the whole story here on my Book Blog…

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Thursday Thumbs Up (just a couple days late…)

I noticed today that my Thursday Thumbs Up has fallen off the blog map.  Doh!  Life happens, and pretty soon what you said you were going to do falls away.  How completely annoying….  🙂

Today I have dusted off the Thursday Thumbs Up and put it back on this blog where it belongs.  Today my thumbs up goes to shared books.  It is no secret at all that I enjoy reading.  From my blog on What’s On Your Book Shelf, from last July, to the more recent blog in December on Books Annoymous.

By shared books I am referring to books that you have so enjoyed, you have recommended them, of even borrowed them, to a friend.  Or a friend, as in my current case, has borrowed you a book that they have read because they enjoyed it so much they knew you would too.  Going into a book is traveling to wherever that book takes you…. into a good mystery or thriller, or Ireland, or on a boat, or in a plane, to where Jesus walked,  or where Moses talked.

To read the same book as someone close to you is like taking an adventure with them.  Traveling the same road as the author had laid before you, but now instead of going it alone, you have a friend along to share the experience. 

I can talk books and authors all day…. share your books and share the adventures

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Books Annonymous….

bookworm.gifHello.  My name is Sheila and I love books. 

My 2nd grade teacher wrote my mom a note, “Sheila has a very vivid imagination.”

In 3rd grade at the end of the year I received the bookworm award. 

I’m not ashamed.  It is all true.  I love to read.  And I love to read a wide variety of styles.  They take me to far away lands, to adventures and miracles… I have books available to me everywhere.  I am never without one close by. 

I have built friendships off of book discussions.  I love to strike up conversations with people I see reading a book I have either read or wanted to read.  In one case, I did not make a friend.  In Costa Rica on vacation a few years back I seen a man at the pool reading a book that I had read.  His was in a different language but I recognized the book so asked him how he was enjoying the read.  He looked at me like he found a bug in his water bottle.  I smiled and left.

A couple weeks ago while a friend and I were walking the Christmas House Tour, she was ooh and ahhing about the beautiful antiques and home design, I on the other hand.. was checking out what these people had on their book shelves. 

Last week I was watching a tv show where two people were shopping in a book store and bought the same book.  I found the book on Amazon, found the background on the book to be fascinating and it came in the mail today. 

I think I will go read. 

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Today I am thankful for… (This is My Thursday Thumbs Up)

bb1.jpgI have just completed Rob Bell’s book, ‘Velvet Elvis’ and I just want to say how thankful I am for good books!  I love to surround myself with a variety of good reads and this book hit the spot!  When I read a really good author I want to read more of what the author writes, or what the author is recommending as good reads.  This book provided a good map to both for me.

I love how he comes up with the book title… it is based off of an old velvet Elvis painting that is found in the basement.  From this he creates an entire book around this outdated, cheesy, painting. 

I can do that.

So I decide to look into our downstairs storage area for an abandoned painting turned authors treasure.  Among the holiday decorations, little used kitchen appliances, and wrapping paper for every occasion… I find it.  The print is a copy that belonged to my mom that I had long ago decided did not fit into my decorating style.  The painting is called, ‘Girl with a Broom’. 


With this title for my book do I write about cleaning up my act?  Being swept away by God?  Clearing out the dust bunnies of a previous life? 

I may be on to something there…

Anyway, I am off track.  The book… fantastic.  I enjoy Rob’s writing style and his fresh perspective on scripture.  I really like his chapter called Dust, but I also really liked the Nooma video called Dust too.  There is so much great knowledge in this book, I know it is a keeper that I will read again and again and pick up something different in it each time.

Great read!  (Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!)turk.gif

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The Screwtape Letters

I did it! I read the Screwtape Letters. Yes – I think it is an accomplishment and no, I didn’t find it an easy read.

The Screwtape Letters to me has been one the books in the back of my mind that I someday wanted to read mainly because it is suppose to be so enlightening and filled with wisdom and well… it was on my “to read” list.

Now having read the book, I can say that I find C.S. Lewis to be even more brilliant than I originally gave him credit for. Did I understand the entire book? No… but that just goes to show you how he is so brilliant that he is beyond me . : )

I did find parts of the book however to be engrossing and even a little spooky. I would be reading and what Screwtape woud be saying of the patient, I could relate. I could remember being where I had thought that way at one time and here is a book about a devil telling his nephew how to win people over for hell… well then.

Even more intriguing to me is the fact that we are talking about a book that was written in 1942. 1942! Here is a book with ideas in it that remind me of me once upon a time and this was written before I was born… it was written before my mother was even born….

Of course, there is another Book out there that was written a long time ago that applies to our lives today too….

ANYWAY – Screwtape Letter – completed. A good read, a little difficult in places but I will read it again someday to see if it speaks to me differently. I feel good about reading it; like I could conquer something big now that the book is completed….

I feel a little like Zorro.

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Soon by Jerry Jenkins

Late this afternoon I finished the book Soon by Jerry Jenkins.  This book is a prequel to Left Behind and I was curious about what direction it would take.

I was surprized to find that this book did not use the characters we have grown to love.  There is no Rayford, no Chloe, or Buck in this book.  Instead we meet Paul Stepola who is an agent for the National Peace Organization and the story takes place in 36 P3, after World War III. 

At first, wrapping my mind around how different this book flows from the Left behind Series was a challenge.   I struggled with the changes the book describes in the aftermath of the war.  There are 7 States, not 50.  Christmas is now Wintermas.  Religion is a crime, and Paul’s job is to extinguish any groups that practice Faith.

The comparrison’s to Paul and his desire to wipe out Christians is an obvious parallel to Paul in the Bible – and yes, without giving too much away in the book…. the similarities continue. 

As I continued the reading I became more interested in the characters and the outcome.  As I came to the last page I felt left with a lot of unanswered questions; then I looked on line and found out why – Soon is a trilogy.  Be warned, this is a three book commitment.  Book #2 is Silenced, and Book #3 is Shadowed

So… now I have to decide… continue the Trilogy?  Most likely.  I do have enough invested to want to know the outcome for Paul, his wife, his father in law,the Underground Christians, and of course, the missing water…

There you have it.  I would rate this book about a 3.2 out of 5.  An average read, interesting, but not fantastic… not as good as The Left Behind Series, but I am only on book 1, so that may change.

Have opinions on this review?  Feel free to comment.  Want to read the book?  It is in the TJN library, come and check it out.

In the meantime… Read On.

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