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Monday Mind Dump

You may have noticed my Monday Mind Dump has gone to the draft land of where “few are brave DeChantal Ex stuff 009enough to travel”.  As much as I love dumping all this more than likely useless stuff in my head from the previous week, Summer has finally shed some “LIGHT” on our area (as opposed to the endless cold and rainy days) and with that comes many things in my little corner of the world:

  • Lawn Care (oh yeah – that’s all mine…)
  • Weeding my existing garden area
  • planting the patient hostas who have sat outside since memorial weekend waiting to sink into the ground that I have planned for them, but due to poor weather conditions and business… they wait
  • Yard projects, like staining the yard swing that sits now on my front deck sanded and waiting….. and waiting…
  • Low tree branches that I need to deal with… oh they will get theirs….  LOL

Oh and then there is the stuff that I just have going on:

  • filing invoices for our company (one of my least favorite tasks)
  • hiring for our company ( we had a late start up this year and now it feels like we are going full speed ahead and I feel a month behind…)
  • The spare room that has become the “oh I know, I’ll put this here until I have time to deal with it” space….  really, really needs a facelift…..  or maybe dynamite….
  • MANDATORY working out in some shape or form for a minimum of 20 minutes 5 times a week.  No exceptions…. unless, NO – No exceptions!!!
  • Invites need to go out STILL to the McKinney Cousin event August 1 here at my home that I just need to DO.
  • Book reviews that I love to do…  they are always going and this time of year the sun tends to call me outside to the deck to read…..  (see One Persons Journey Through a World of Books)
  • Cooking…. I don’t know when it happened, but now that the kids are gone… I really don’t enjoy planning meals.  Supper is another’ task each day that I never know what I am planning to make.  I wish I was more organized at that…

Anyway – enough of that.  Last week we had some decent weather for a few days there and I did get a few things done although I dont think I ever did fit a bike ride into it.

This week I am excited to start planning my Blogeversary event!  Yup…. if you look at the right of this page you will see a little count down and it is coming up next week!  I am actually going to plan a contest and giveaway for that event that will take place on both blogs, this one and One Persons Journey Through a World of Books.  Stay tuned… I hope to post that by this Thursday.

Anyway – got to run….  going to the gym, doing payroll, calling interviews, filing invoices, planning what to make for dinner and maybe a break late afternoon for a bit of reading.

Oh… and for fun, go and answer this question about your favorite indulgence book… there is a giveaway too 🙂


June 29, 2009 - Posted by | Just me

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