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When Chocolate Covered Almonds Attack….

Ok…. what is it with me and candy in the house?  You would think it would not be an issue.  I am a almondgrown woman.  I should be able to have better control.

I recently bought some chocolate covered almonds for Al (DON’T LAUGH!  They really were for him!).  Al doesn’t ask for much and I wanted to treat him since he is working so hard with our business putting in long hours and our time together this time of year is short….

ANYWAY – I bought the good stuff…. the kind you scoop yourselves, put them in a pretty jar and he enjoyed them while we played cribbage one evening.  However Al – can eat a few and be satisfied.

So last night I am up WAY TOO LONG reading after midnight when I should have just went to bed…. I looked over at the jar and swear they were chanting my name.  (Yes, in little almond voices I hear, “Sheila!  Sheila!”…)

I decided to have a few, I mean after all, almonds are good for you  right?  I think I read somewhere that chocolate is too….  next thing I know… I have eaten most of them and the ones remaining I am trying to reposition in the jar so it doesn’t look like I just had my own personal almond fest.

I am pretty sure they started it.


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