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My friend Adrienne would agree with me that when a plan comes together – even spur of the moment, Adrienne and Ione should take full advantage of it.  So when Adrienne called me this afternoon to see if I could go for a bike ride this afternoon to Nisswa, I excitedly agreed.

We met on the trail at 2:20 pm and while biking the 18 miles to Nisswa we discussed the Pat Bluth book talk that was going to happen at 5 pm.  Just so happens, that talk was taking place in Nisswa.  My original plan was to do the bike ride, then drive to Nisswa for the talk, but as Adrienne and I enjoyed catching up with each other… another idea developed – we would just stay in Nisswa, catch the talk, and then bike back to Brainerd.

Once in Nisswa we enjoyed watching minnow racing and a nice lady took a couple pictures for us on her camera and said she would email them to us.  (Adrienne and I are both bloggers and oddly enough, neither one of us had our camera for this adventure!)

We biked to the church the talk was being held at at enjoyed an incredible hour where Pat Bluth shared the tragedy of her daughter Tammy’s death in 1985 by a drunk driver.  It hit me personally as I went to school with Tammy and was there at Hasse’s and was one of the many witnesses to this tragedy.  I purchased Pat’s book after the talk, From Pain to Peace (see it on my book blog).

We then biked back to Brainerd as the sky darkened.  When we had a little over two miles left it started to rain but we really didnt mind.  We had such a great afternoon of talking and catching up that the 36 miles flew by.  I was sorry to see our time end together, if not for the fact my next stop was a late dinner with Justin and Chance.

Thank you Adrienne for a memorable afternoon!  Lets do this again soon – maybe further next time!  🙂

See Adrienne’s blog here for Whitely Creek Bed and Breakfast

** Photo Compliments of: (Thank you Donna!)  Looking at the Pine and I discovered that Adrienne and I were “spotted”  so there is another photo here:  check it out

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