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MInk Lake Work Camp – Spring 2009

Spring has been a long time coming this year… yet finally, we are starting to see the signs of flowers popping up, lilac bushes bloomed late but are offering us a fragrant welcome whenever we pass near, and yes, Mink Lake Camp has once again had it’s prep week before they start taking in campers.

Last week Bob and Sandi Colbenson made their trek to the Gunflint Trail in Grand Marais, Minnesota where they will be for the next three months giving their hearts and time to Mink Lake Camp.  Shortly after their arrival, the people that had committed to help during this week started trickling in.

The projects were to clean up camp by cleaning out the cabins that had remained unoccupied for most of the winter months, fix the dock, mow the lawn, clean up the wooded areas of downed trees, branches, shrubs, clean up the Prayer Garden area, paint the outhouses, burn the wood debris, clean out the kitchen cupboards, clean the kitchen, clean the main Lodge, refill the wood shed, and more.

While this may sound like a lot of work, it really is a good time.  You get a chance to hang with people that in many cases we just see in passing.  Working together on these projects builds a sort of unity for Mink Lake Camp and those of us who are pleased to be a part of this yearly event seem to become a sort of team… like we alls hare the same secret of what a wonderful place this is.

Mink Lake Camp is not all work and no play by a long shot.  The work team shuts down about 5 pm and after dinner there are opportunities to canoe, kayak, swim (for the brave!), sauna, walk, go for a bike ride, play boardgames in the main lodge, read, whatever!  One group took a ride up the Gunflint and observed moose and wolves earlier in the week.

There is much to love about Mink Lake Camp.  It becomes a part of you.  I for one have made that trip to work the camp four times now and each time, no matter how full my agenda is…. no matter how hard it is to get away and be part of camp set up… I get there, breathe it all in and am so thankful that I came.

Thanks to Tara Wenstrand, and Sarah and Haley Goodrow for the pictures in the slide show.


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