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Tour of Lakes – June 6, 2009

The Tour of Lakes bike event took place yesterday morning – Key and I started at 6 am, meeting in the Forestview parking lot at a brisk 39 degrees (it is June right????)

There were many riders there dressed in different types of layered outerwear, from rain gear to sweat shirts, winter caps, face masks, gloves – and even some so brave they tackled this event in shorts.  BRRRRRRR!!!!!!

This was Key’s first bike tour event and I was thrilled to do this with her…. our goal was to do the 70 miles, the longer of the two routes, the shorter being 35 miles.

The route was awesome!  We enjoyed the roads that had been selected for this tour, a lot of scenery and little traffic.  At our first stop off of Lower Sullivan Road had great eats like the breakfast burrito, fresh fruit and plenty of it, as well as granola and candy bars you can could grab for the continued ride.  The volunteers running the stops were friendly and fun to talk with.

Back on the trail we continued through some “a little too cool” wind, around hwy 210 to around the Legacy golf course and back on great little roads with beautiful homes on the lake.  Key, who enjoys motorcycling made a note that she had to ride this area again as the roads were good and the scenery beautiful.

Our second stop was off of the Gull Dam Road and there we had a chance to walk a bit and warm our hands and feet.  They had cookies and fruit to enjoy.  A fellow “Tour of Laker” took a couple pictures of Key and I.  At this point we were right around 20 miles into the ride.

We hit the road again and found our way into Baxter off of Olivewood Drive (having no idea how the roads that we were on connected to this area – but we were pleasantly surprised!).  We traveled down by Whipple Beach and encountered a near miss for a car that was almost hit by a man taking down trees at his home and one went right across the road.  We were far enough away to be out of the danger area but it was still a bit freaky.  From here we went all the way down Clearwater road, up Inglewood and over to Cherrywood where we stopped in the driveway of a home that was purchased by Brett and Kate Richmond and had a picture taken just for them.

As we neared the end of the 35 miles we had made the decision, along with many of the other bikers we had chatted with, that the 35 was going to be our destination for this tour.  The clouds held back the rain but looked as though they were going to burst forth any minute.  While I was bummed that we didn’t complete the goal I had set…. I agreed the wind was a little cold to do the second part of the tour – even Key, being such a trooper said she would go as far as I wanted to.

We finished well….  grabbed out 20 year anniversary cups and headed to Coco Moon for a hot cup of coffee and conversation in a warm environment!

Kudos to all those involved in making yet another Tour of Lakes event a success.  I imagine it takes many hands to pull this off each year and pull it off as smoothly as it always is.  Thank you.

Paul Bunyan Cyclists (who I plan to be joining soon!)


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