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30 Days of Prayer SHMILY Style… 18 miles of prayer

So – brief update on where I am coming to the end of day three….  yesterday I hit the bike trail behind Movies 10 and biked to Merrifeld and back – using this quiet time to be my prayer time for Al.  So what can you cover in 18 miles?  As it turns out – a lot!

  • Prayer for patience (for me)
  • peace and rest for Al as he works so hard at our business
  • prayer for God to open my eyes to ways I can support Al better005
  • prayer for our business
  • prayer for more time together
  • prayer for a gentle spirit – (me again)
  • prayer for doors to open
  • prayer for my eyes to open to the big picture
  • prayer for “SHMILY” opportunities

It is possible to pray for 18 miles.  The ride was peaceful and I just gave it all to God.

I made one of his favorite dinners…. meatloaf (heart shaped) and garlic potaoes with peas.  I also made a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting with SHMILY written on in.

This morning I started my day with prayers for AL and his day… I read again in our book, prayed my way through my morning prep and throughout the day as I was able.  Tonight, I am still waiting for him to get home, but worked with him in the office this late afternoon and shared the weight that the business can often carry.


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