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Monday Mind Dump

  • I feel…. spent.  Overwhelmed.  Tired.  Stretched.
  • between office work, yard work, working out, and the house stuff…. life has just sped up faster.
  • I can not even think back now to what went on each night last week but I know I was always busy.
  • Saturday had Farrah’s baby shower which was a lot of fun – went out to dinner with Al and Justin to China Garden, Dairy Queen after (yeah…. I was pretty bad….) then Chance came and stayed over night.
  • Sunday – Chance and I went and seen the movie Star Trek (SO GOOD!)  In fact, seen it again later with Al .  See review here
  • Monday – worked out in the am…. started the 30 days SHMILY event (will blog my way through this event).  Finished the book Between the Tides (see review here), worked in yard on flower beds, then dinner with Julie, Sandi, and Key
  • We are 6 days from the Brainerd Tour of Lakes Bike event…. 70 miles!  I am excited to do this!  Praying for good weather!

June 1, 2009 - Posted by | Just me

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