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Monday Mind Dump….

I am totally procrastinating on  this post…. mainly just because I am tired.  With the onset of nice weather comes a list a mile long of outdoor “to do’s” and my ambitious overactive mind has clicked into high gear and I am now in the process of creating a patio, garden spots on the front and back yards, sanding and restaining all our wood lawn furniture, purchasing perennials for long term and annuals for a fre eye catching ideas I have and today I built a compost bin.  (No wonder I am tired!)

Anyway – here is last week…

Tuesday was book club and out review of Water for Elephants was even better than expected.  We reall had some great insight on this book and I personally enjoyed the whole reference to the 1930’s and the circus.  My review here

Wednesday seems like I am almost consistently hitting overload each week now.  As our business picks up, the yard needs attention, trying to keep up on my work out schedule, run the office, volunteer and do my study weekly… I am again hitting the breaks and saying “enough”.  By the time evening rolls around I am shot.

Thursday worked late and trained in a new volunteer at church.  Watched Survivor with Al and could have screamed “YEAH!!!!” when Coach was voted out.  (The man drive me nuts…)

Friday garage saled in the morning with Suzette and have no great treasures to report.  Lots of sales but nothing that we hit that was fantastic.  Took Group Power at noon, went home and did clean up and then AL and I went out with Chad, Amy, Andy and Laura for Laura’s birthday.  We ate at Half Moon and then went to the late movie of Angels and Demons.  Great fun!  My review of the movie here

Saturday was incredibly COLD.  Stayed in house and did house tasks until noon then bundled up and started the lawn mowing process –  3 hours and did not finish.  Later went to Applebees for Sara’s birthday with Cindy.  Then we drove around and looked at garden centers like Mennards…. picked out the patio pavers I want for the patio.

Sunday was church and then came home and finished the lawn.  I picked Chance up and we went biking for 10 miles.  Stopped at Menards and picked up some Hostas, mulch, stain for my outdoor furniture, a sander, a garage broom, and Juicy Fruit gum to attack the yard gopher with…. really.  Worked in yard until 7 and then watched Survivor Finale – yeah J.T.!  This ends our tv watching now until September.  We watch Survivor, Biggest Loser, and Amazing Race and all 3 are not done for the summer.

Today I did Group Power this morning and then rollerbladed 4 miles on the trail.  I made a few comitments to Kia this week to work out with her.  I came home and prepped a few things for tonights AFE meeting and then went outside and created a compost pile.  Im sure at some point I’ll blog about this and how it is working….  I have pictures.


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