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Tattoo Day

I had made a decision to get a tattoo my 40th year on this earth.  My girlfriends pitched in… and two years after the commitment… today I complete it.

The girls (or accomplices…) helped me with a date and a place and we all went together.  The together part was really fun, Heidi, Cindy, and Sara helped me a lot.  I had the basic idea of what I wanted, yet wanted to be open to suggestions too.  I wanted whatever I did to mean something personal to me and not be a cookie cutter copy of what everybody else does.

In the end… I think we did great!  I did not go in thinking I would be doing a rose, but as the idea came full circle – a rose was perfect… I wanted it to be feminine, but not overly.  I wanted it to represent a bit of who I was and why… and I think that was covered well too.

All said and done – I am really pleased with the final product.

Cross that one off the Bucket List!  Thanks friends – I felt like Vorizon wireless today with all of you supporting me on this.


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