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Monday up at 6 amshower and go to gymGroup Power at 8:15 ambiked 32 miles on bike trail (Nisswa and back)update my schedule bookwork in Church office early afternoon to get things prepped for Tuesdayfind a book waiting for me in my to do box (Thanks Mark!) – clean up church office and make sure Grace video is ready to go – run errands for Al and work in home officelate afternoon grab lunchprep for Grace Classsweep all floors in houseclean our bathroom6:00 pm teach Grace Class until 8:30 pmhome to watch a little tv with Al before he goes to bedtime to wind down with computer and a little Gilmore Girls , up until 11:30 pmTuesday up at 6:30 amin office by 8 and prep for Staff Meetingbe in staff meeting until 11:30 am work in office and meet with Mark at 1 pmleave office at 3 pmtake a 10 mile bike ride on trailcheck in with Brad to see how things are goingstop at grocery store for a few supplies –  Fold up the laundry and put away – start new load of laundry –home at 4:30 to prep supper for Al and talk to Al – 6:30 Book Club at Matty’shome at 8:30 pmsend out book club email of book for May and where we will meetClean up kitchen – stay up to late reading friends blog posts and catching up on their livesget to bed at midnightWednesday up at 7  am (LATE!)prep a lunch for the office and get in around 8:30 amget the phone call that our book selection is only available in hard cover (we avoid hard covers due to pricing)Call the “Queen of Bookies” (yes, we have one and she’s wonderful!) and ask her what she wants to do about the book – send out a new email with the new book selection info – make arrangements to be in home office most of Thursday to help with new hire set upwork until 2 pmstop in and see Wendy Lane (who is doing well!) and tan at her place 3 pm – hit the gym and take the 4:15 Group Power Class even though I dont want to run home at 5:30 and grab my study book and a quick bite to eatwalk into my bike rack on the back of the Durango and almost give myself a black eyecuss out the bike rack and remove it from the Durango because apparently it is dangerous to even those of us who know it is there –make Al dinner and go to the Soup Kitchen to help out with serving but find I missed it, our small group has already completed it small window of time to refresh for the study7 pm is small group studystop at grocery store after group (9 pm) for cottage cheese and appleshome by 9:30 – wind down with computer and a little reading and cocoa with coffee in itmake a conscious effort to be in bed by 11 pm and actually do itThursday – up at 6 and see that no one is planning to go to coffee group so I dont eitherread devotion while I am getting ready for dayprep to go weigh in and happy with the result home at 9 am and have breakfast and check emailstoaster literally catches fire when I make my fat free crumpet (couldn’t believe it) take toaster to dumpster and make note to pick up a new one –make a plan with Justin to watch Slumdog Millionairre when he gets home from workchat with my cousin on Facebookanswer emailswork in office prepping for new hire and checking employee files for start up of seasonlisten to Pandora Radio and wonder where they come up with some of these songs they think I will like Give a job reference to a friend – Make a plan to visit the Grand Parents on Saturday hopefully – invite Deb to the Dance fundraiser at Renada’s next Friday – clean the office – confirm a hotel for next weekends bike event –late afternoon grab lunch and make a plan to read a little bit as time has been short lately and I have three book reviews due by the first week of May for a companytalk to new employee starting tomorrow –throw in a load of laundry3:30 hit the gym  thanks to a little prodding by my friend Heidi who guessed I was home and into the mint chocolate chip ice cream (how does she know these things?) home at 4:45 to wind down and clean up6:30 Karen’s Spa party at her home so off and running home by 9:30 to watch Survivor with Al, but realize it is too late so it will wait until Friday plan for movie yet tonight with JustinFridayup way early to do the 5:45 am Group Power Class  -as Al and I have a radio conference at 8:30 to 9 am for 3wi radiobike a little afterward to relaxrun errands for Al and pick up a few office needswork in office in afternoon – later afternoon lunch and plan something good for dinnerhoping to have a little reading timejewelry party at Paula’s at 6:30 pm (actually cancel this because I am too much on overdrive to even think straight – so tired out!)where does the week go?Stay home with Al and actually relax a bitSaturday early morning workout at gym and possibly belly dancing class decided it was too cool to bike and had house projects to work on anywaycleaned bathrooms, dishwasher, vacced and shamppoed carpets – dinner with Al at Buffalo Wild Wings to support the Feed the Children effortspossibly a move (Fast and Furious) still on my list to seehome to relax with my hubby after a long weekSunday up early helping at church with the pledge cards – at church at 8 am and probably staying for all 3 services to help outafternoon hang with Chance a bitmaybe the bike trail or wii challengesmake a nice dinner for Al and I and enjoy our evening together catching up and watching Amazing Race together

(I just wanted to see what a week looked like…)


April 16, 2009 - Posted by | Insane Moments


  1. PHEW, you know when you type out all of the things you do, you almost get overwhelmed thinking about everything that keeps you going. So, is their anything that you would change about your schedule or is just “the nature of the beast”? Just curious…

    Comment by Konrad | April 16, 2009

  2. This time of year is always crazy Konrad – I think with the juggling of two offices (ours and the Church) spring gets a bit crazy. We start hiring and bringing back our lay offs, there is always start up to season stuff, and then there are the things you want to be a part of like – family time, bible studies, church, taking care of yourself…

    Its one of those things I look at and wonder how and when did it get so crazy? But all weeks are not so committed – and with summer coming, evening “have to’s take a step back so we can all enjoy the beauty that God has made in Minnesota. (Can’t wait!) 🙂

    Comment by sdechantal | April 16, 2009

  3. Hi, Sheila. I laughed at your confession regarding eating “chocolate covered raisins and munching on them all the way home…. good grief!” and that you were “into the mint chocolate ice cream”. I gorge myself on chocolate covered almonds on the way home after shopping at the food co-op. Oh, yea… you’re not alone by any means. You can afford to overindulge with all the miles you are pedaling on the bike trail. Your 65-mile ride is already next weekend!! Do you know any others that are participating? We are tentatively planning to depart FL on Monday the 20th, so I’ll more than likely be passing through the Cities during your ride. I think we just skirt the city though as our route will be taking us through Lake City to a restaurant/tea room in an old house where we like to stop for breakfast or lunch depending upon what time we are passing through. Tables are set up in the different rooms as well as on an enclosed porch. I am also stopping in Lake City to pick up a vintage pyrex bowl to complete my set of 4. A woman contacted me after she stumbled upon one of my blog posts from last September regarding my purchase of 3 bowls that was missing the red one. She said she had two red ones so was willing to part with one. So my schedule is oh, so close to be able to participate in the bike ride but, to be honest, I realistically know I couldn’t bike that far. My knees and hip just aren’t what they used to be and there’s no doubt in my mind that they’d be grumbling something fierce.

    Your recording of one week in the life of Sheila was mind boggling! I think it would be good therapy if each of us did that now and again. So often I look back at my day and I beat myself up because I think I should have accomplished more when, in reality, I have done a lot. I noticed that many of your tasks are completed in short snippets of two hour blocks. That is the result of good planning when you can get in and out in a short time frame. Oh, there are plenty of times when it’s perfectly appropriate to slow down to just enjoy the moment… your surroundings or the people, but there are also many situations when time is wasted on lack of goal setting.

    Comment by Adrienne | April 22, 2009

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