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Monday Mind Dump

As glorious weeks go…. this is truly a “good feeling” week.  I must be sensing Spring.

  • Last Monday was a great day to get back on track from my girls weekend in Fargo (and lots of food!).  It was good to get a chance to workout after the weekend.
  • Wednesday became one of those days where you get so overwhelmed and stressed with everything on your plate that in the midst of everything I finally had to say “whoa”… reorganize, prioritize and drop a couple things off my to do list to maintain sanity.  I love that I am aware of my limits and know enough to call them out.
  • Thursday was my weigh in and I was thrilled to be able to weigh in after the “food fest” weekend.  I thought I may need an additional week to recover but weighed in right where I was at the week before.
  • Friday – busy busy day but ended it nicely with dinner out with Al at China Buffet.  YUM!
  • Saturday – took my third belly dancing class.  I am certain I am not learning a thing.  Had supper with Dan and Key and that was fun to hang with them.  Al and I went to the movie Knowing.  See review here…
  • Sunday – EASTER!  AL and I were able to spend time with both of the kids.  We had a wonderful Easter Brunch and in the late afternoon as everyone was busy with their own things, I took my bike out for its maiden 2009 voyage on the bike trail.  See the pics and the story here.  Helped Justin made deviled eggs for his work potluck and Al and I enjoyed a quiet dinner with a game or cribbage and then watched Amazing Race.  (GO LUKE!!!)
  • Monday – bike went out again and this time biked the 32 mile voyage to Nisswa and back on the trail in preparation of the soon to come Ironman event (now less than 2 weeks out!)
  • Tonight I start teaching the 5 week class on Grace.  I am excited to get back into this study.

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  1. Although I will not be ready for the Ironman in 2 weeks, by summer’s end I will be doing a 100 mile bike trip (if the 50 mile one I’m doing first doesn’t kill me!)

    Comment by kadybug | April 14, 2009

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