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Monday Mind Dump

  • Crazy busy last week….
  • Monday I had the refrigerator repair man at the house, returned all the left over food from the Home Show, worked out, worked on newsletter, helped Al….. Body Works Challenge started at the YMCA this week and I am on it….
  • Tuesday – decided to switch weigh in day to Thursday so I could have weekends as off days going forward.
  • Wednesday – worked in office and then went to Amy Price’s and she highlighted my hair for me (thanks Friend!), worked out at YMCA.  Went to small group in evening.
  • Thursday – run, run, run!  Weigh in was good, 126.  Worked in office, then had a 2:30 meeting with Colleen from MMBA on the concession results…. looking good, still waiting on final numbers.  Then YMCA work out and Drums Alive Class, then to Wal-Mart to get my goodies for Girls Weekend.
  • Friday – morning workout and then home to prep to leave by 1:00 p.m.  Off to Fargo for the weekend with the girls:  Amy, Heidi, Deb, Dee, Laura, and Paula.  Woo Hoo!  (see blog post on weekend here)
  • Home Sunday afternoon…. tired but feel good.  Love having  time to hang with friends.  Catching up on house stuff and watching Slumdog Millionaire with my hubby.  This was so good!  Review of movie is here I love Sundays!
  • Monday – morning workout (have weekend food to deal with).  Met with Colleen from MMBA at 10 am and off to St Cloud to return my overstock popcorn purchases from Home Show.  Then to lunch with her and Deb (why do I always find my way to food events????)

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