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What a Week with IHN!

Two weeks ago we had our IHN week.  IHN is Interfaith Hospitality Network and is an incredible program  that assists those who are homeless in getting back on their feet and providing assistance in job location and skills, as well as finding a home.  The success rate of this program is amazing.

The program works by utilizing 13 churches in the area.  The people in the program stay for one week at each of these churches until they are placed in a home.  The churches provide volunteers for meal providing as well as evening hosts and overnight hosts.  During the day, those in the program go to the Day Center where they are given an opportunity to shower, do laundry, apply for jobs, and learn skills.

Tom and Julie Orr are the main Coordinators for The Journey North, and recently Tom had the idea to have Small Groups get involved with the meal making.  The result was overwhelming!  Many people who had never had the opportunity to participate in the program were suddenly able to!  And once you serve in this manner, my guess is, you are hooked.  Not only are you there as a blessing to those who are struggling, but spending time with these amazing people and their children blesses you over and over.

Our next serving dates are May 17 – 24.  If you are interested in helping with meal prep, hosting, staying overnight, providing a dessert or an evening activity – please post here or call the church at 824-5617.

***  IHN is having a benefit Banquet at Lakewood Church on April 5th from 6 – 8 p.m.  Cost is $20 per person and will include dinner and presentation.  If interested in being a part of this great event please contact Bruce at 330-1124 for tickets.


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