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Monday Mind Dump

  • A crazy week of getting back into the norm…. my week started out strong on Monday where I was able to get back into my work out routine and felt full of energy, followed by 5 hours of working on the Honduras Journal and pictures.
  • Tuesday I weighed in at 3 pounds up from my 12 day MIA, which I am thrilled with.  Seriously, if you would have seen what I ate and how much I ate…. I really thought I would have put on close to 10…. seriously….
  • Tuesday also was the start of the “crash”.  As the day went on I slowly went downhill….  to the point that I did not know if I was getting sick or just that tired.
  • I cancelled Wednesday – didn’t work, didn’t do anything.  I stayed home in pajamas until 3 pm.  Played on my lap top from bed and slept most of the day away.
  • Thursday I was good as new, full of energy once again I put in a long day at the office – even made my 6:30 am coffee group!  Thursday evening I spent overnight with Sandi Colbenson at First Pres doing IHN.  What a great family that was in the program.  They received their housing on Friday!
  • Friday after working out it was a catch up day at my home and in the office.  I watched Survivor in the evening as I missed it on Thursday.
  • Saturday worked out a bit and then stayed home most of the day.    Late afternoon I watched The Changeling per my friend Heidi’s request.  Wow.  Really – wow.  Review it here N I C E.
  • Sunday had a great time at Church, worked out and picked up Chance for the day.  We played Wii fit and Bomberman all afternoon.  Super fun!  Chance stayed overnight.
  • Monday I am plugging away at a project for Al, and after my morning Group Power Class feel confident that my weight will be down for tomorrows weigh in.  (At least a little bit).  🙂  Tonight I have dinner with Key, Sandi, and Julie.  That’s always great!

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