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I was thinking today about a little device I purchased about a year ago – my iPOD Shuffle.  In the age of “IPOD” being a big deal with pre teens and up… this is really the lower end IPOD product.

Sure – you get the fancy full size iPOD’s that show music videos, download movies, hold your photos, download books and podcasts….  with 120 GB of storage this little baby does everything…. but it is much more than I need and coming in at a price around $249 dollars – just not a smart purchase for me.

However – my iPOD Shuffle (named “Podette” by me) holds 250 songs, comes in my favorite color purple, and costs $49.96.  For $20 more you can purchase a Shuffle that holds 500 songs, but for this 80’s chick, I have my favorites through the years and after a year am sitting at about 80 songs that make me giddy, but make my son who has over 1433 songs in his iPOD, roll his eyes. (I don’t even think I know that many songs…)

The Shuffle suits me.  I use it for biking, rollerblading, working out at the YMCA, mowing the lawn, and even when cleaning the house (nothing like upbeat jams to get you in a good mood and actually passing the time more quickly)!

A year later – I am still using it 5+ times a week.  It eliminates the need to pull out a cd player and crank it up to top volume in the house and scare everyone else away….  however it does not protect you from embarrasing moments when you think you are alone and you are belting out a favorite tune that only you can hear and someone walks in, points and laughs at you.  Or – in my case, the neighbors tell me when I am mowing the lawn that I should have a trailer behind the mower…

to help me carry a tune.  True story.  🙂ipod-shuffle


March 7, 2009 - Posted by | Just me

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