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Honduras Lift Off….




And excited.

And ready… (I think).

I think I do this every year.  I think I could have done more in the house… cleaned that closet I have been meaning to get too, made Al some extra dinners while I am away, more done in office, spent more time loving on the dogs…..   ARRRRGGGHHH… you get the drift.

Right now I think. “Oh I’ll miss my husband, Brad, and two weeks of Survivor, my dogs, and the rabbit, my computer (how will I live without my computer????), my studies, my friends, driving, movies, TV…

Bottom line is – once I get on my way…. wrapping my head around what I am doing in Honduras… all of my worries here and the “should have, could haves” melt away.  I see the kids that I have come to know so well over the years, old faces that light up with excitement as we recognize each other…  new faces that by the time I leave I will know and have stamped their name on my heart.

All the things that I think I’ll miss (with a few exceptions – like hubby Al), I don’t.  We are so busy that what seems normal here like computer time and TV, are not missed there.  We stay busy – we build relationships as well as walls to house relationships!  Night time comes and we are overjoyed and exhausted…. the days are so full.

So… this night before I leave I am thankful for all of you here that are a part of little piece of this world.  You really do complete me.  And there – is another piece of me that is found in Honduras.  Hard to explain but ever since that first time, I have known that as long as I am able, I will go.  As long as God says “yes”, I will be there.

See you all when I return on March 1st.  I know my blog posts will be full of stories and of pictures.

Take care everyone!



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