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The Review of The Spiritual Boot Camp

Oops!  I jus realized I never put in the final thoughts of this commitment….  so here goes…

To refresh everyone – the commitment was to spend more time in the Bible, in prayer, and in taking care of me.  I had set time commitments, and have blogged each week and how it went:

SBC Week #1

SBC Week #2

SBC Week #3

And now this is the final results.  Yes, I did more of all three.  The Bible time was easy as the studies I am in at this time made it a must anyway and I dove in to prep for the commitments I had made.  I wish I would have studied more in one area, and had originally meant too, yet that never really fully developed and I think I may have over committed myself doing the three studies that assisted in making the original plan difficult.

The prayer area also was a lot the way I usually do prayer – in my car, getting ready in the morning, while working out…  while I did have some deeper moments of prayer time – longer and more in depth, it was not as much as I had planned, even though I made the time I committed to without a problem.

The Body part was something I had been working on anyway and the Boot Camp just caused me to step it up a notch which I did and am happy with the results.  I upped my classes at the YMCA and put myself with others who help me to commit.  I have reached my goal wait during this SBC and now need to maintain…. hopefully, for life.

And really… looking at that last part, “maintaining, hopefully for life“…. I guess that is really what I hope for with all three areas of this SBC.  I worked the program, I seen and recorded results, and now I need to maintain for life.

*Anyone who joined me on this adventure, I would love to hear how it went.


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