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Monday Mind Dump

  • Last week was actually a great week.  Looking back over it now I really seen some positive things coming out of what for one day was tough – but passed quickly.
  • Monday evening I had dinner with Julie, Key, and Sandi.  I love getting together with these three and they are such a great support to one another and to me.  I always get so much out of just having time with them.  Thanks girls!
  • Tuesday – weigh in was 1.6 down…. I am in maintenance mode and I always panic a bit here as after working so hard you don’t want to head back the other direction.  It takes me a while to level off…  and I am nervous about Honduras where I have no control over what we eat… I just need to keep the mindset that whatever happens, I can fix it when I get home again.
  • Tuesday was an incredibly tough day.  I don’t even know how to describe.  I felt it coming on, I thought it might be a bit, but I wasn’t expecting the overall overwhelmed sense of sorrow.
  • Wednesday – it all turned around and I actually felt fantastic… giddy and “world conquering”.  What a nut case I can be!  I was emotionally exhausted, and faded as the day went on but the gloom and doom had passed.
  • I started reading this book called For Women Only, and while it is a small book, it is one that you want to take piece by piece and read through slowly.  From chapter one I have really taken a lot away from this and had a real eye opener to the way I handle some things and how they can change.  I am impressed already with the results.
  • Thursday group in the a.m.  Always a good time!
  • Friday Al and I went to the movie Underworld.  Hmmmm…. a real guy movie.  I am not sure if I am going to do a review on it or not yet….  ok. review is here.…  We had dinner at Grizzley’s afterward and the food as always was SO GOOD!!!
  • Saturday – I went snow shoeing for the first time with Betty Vosberg.  It was a blast.  I am such a winter weather pansy, but it was like 40 degrees out on Saturday and I may have finally found something I like to do in the winter!  See post here on the snow shoe experience.
  • Sunday was fun with a Super Bowl Party at out friends Andy and Laura’s.  We munched on great food and watched what was actually a pretty entertaining game.  That’s huge coming from me as I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.
  • Still working on Monday…. had the inevitable long over due eye exam, am now catching up on a few posts and then considering seriously a trip out to the Grandparents that is once again…. long overdue.

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  1. Sheila,
    I have met you once in Walmart, but you may not remember me. I work in Electronics for Angie and with Lori; and they keep me up to date on your book club. At any rate, I have read the book “for women only”. It is an eye opening book. I have also read the book “for men only” by the same author(s).
    I enjoy reading your blog!

    Comment by Rosanne | February 5, 2009

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