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Monday Mind Dump

  • Weigh in for last Tuesday was .6 down….  good!  I am in maintenance mode now which always is a bit nerve racking….
  • Worked out Tuesday afternoon at the Y.  I wasn’t going to, but Heidi had planned on going, and then Justin wanted to go too so I went for a bit to be with both of them.
  • Wednesday small group study went well…. liking the study and the group of course!
  • Wednesday and Thursday took off from the YMCA.  Needed a break.
  • Thursday morning our coffee group started our study of Power of a Praying parent.  It is interesting to see how our group can make this work as we have kids from infant to adult among us all.  Great study!
  • Friday went out to dinner with Dan and Key.  It was fun just to hang out with them.  Friday afternoon I had started to move all my books to the old office/new library.  I love how is it coming together! This is going to be a great room!
  • Friday Heidi and I tried out the “Drums Alive” Class at the Y.  You get drum sticks and you pound them on one of the big exercise balls while doing cardio.  Sounds simple, but we were sweating and laughing!  The teacher said if anyone drops a drum stick everyone has  to cheer you.  I dropped a stck.  Twice.
  • Hit the Y in the a.m. then spent afternoon working in the house and reading.  I finished book 3 of the Twilight series, “Eclipse”.  I had strong opinions on this book… read review here.
  • Saturday evening Justin and I watched Freedom Writer’s – I LOVE this movie!  See review here.
  • Sunday was a FULL day.  Church and then the 201 class, followed by the Re Up Membership meeting…. I didnt leave until 3 pm.  Home to quickly get supper on and do a couple things then our last floor hockey game was at 5 p.m.  Bitter sweet – love our team and hated to see it end!
  • Sunday Evening hung out with Al and Chance stayed over night.  After Chance went to bed, Justin and I played a game of Monopoly on Wii.  We were up until after midnight…..
  • This morning I completed my walking goal for January of 50 miles!  Kind of excited about that.  I thought I might have been reaching too high but made it with a few days to spare!

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