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whiteley-creekA few days ago I received an email from my friend Adrienne, who along with her husband Dick, owns the Whitely Creek Bed and Breakfast just outside Brainerd over by the airport.  Her Blog, Whitely Creek Bed and Breakfast has been chosen as one of five finalists in the Well Fed Network’s Food Blog Awards.

Adrienne is an amazing cook… at the Bed and Breakfast she makes incredible organic meals and is always trying out new mouth watering recipes that keep her guests coming back year after year for more of the great cooking, and amazing atmosphere that is provided at Whitely Creek.

Catching up on her blog over the past days has reminded me of all that Dick and Adrienne do to provide a unique experience for their guests.  I browsed her recipes on her blog, from the chocolate buttermilk cupcakes, Stormy Day Bean Soup, to Beef and Cabbage with Rice… and that’s not even mentioning all the great craft ideas!

(To vote in this contest CLICK HERE )

Today… I took this inspiration and decided with the cold weather and Al busy all day down in the office working on three large bid projects, that I would surprise him with a nice supper.  Our crazy life style puts us in the “quick prep” meal category many times and it is nice to occasionally prepare something with love.  I picked up some country ribs at Super One and a few baking potatoes and prepped my personal recipe for Country Ribs.  Al’s a real meat and potatoes kind of guy who will find this to be just the thing when he comes in the house later today and we can enjoy a great meal together.

Country Ribs

Place the country ribs in a large covered kettle where they can simmer in enough water to cover them.  Add slices of onion, bouillon (or onion soup mix), 2 mashed garlic cloves, and pepper.  Let simmer in covered kettle for 2 hours so they become extremely tender.

Strain off excess water and place ribs in a warm crock pot on low.  In bottom of crock I put a little Asian Zing sauce (found at Buffalo Wild Wings).  When ribs are in crock add more of the sauce over the ribs and let cook on low for 4 or more hours.

Serve with large baked potatoes with all the fixings and a salad.


January 24, 2009 - Posted by | Just me

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