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Spiritual Boot Camp (Week 3)

Well…  I am still kicking around this boot camp and have come to terms with it now being as planned as I am still getting quite a bit out of doing this.

Mind: I am definitely in my Bible more and more.  This past week I spend a few mights looking through different scripture, usually on an average of at least and hour or more.

Body: I think I had a record work out week.  With my friend Heidi at the YMCA, when I can go when she does I always spend more time there as we get to talking and time passes quickly.  In the last week I walked (tread mill, and elliptical) 16 miles.

Spirit: This one is not perfected… it is random and I find myself praying for a few minutes here and there throughout my day as I think of people in my life who need prayer, or I think of a PTL (in some cases that is a green light when I am hurrying through town…) .  I hope as I finish up this next week or so that I can become stronger in this area and more focused.


January 22, 2009 - Posted by | Just me

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  1. Last Saturday I had this idea pop into my head from nowhere. (God speaking to me?) I took a piece of paper and wrote my prayer list on it…. then I attached it to my truck visor. The paper is yellow to it stands out and I see it all day long and I can pray throughout the day. So far it works.

    Comment by Joelle Schmidt | January 24, 2009

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