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Monday Mind Dump

  • Weighed in last Tuesday at 4 pounds down for the week.  WHAT???  (Not that I am complaining!)  So goal reached!  Total of 29.8 pounds.  Woo Hoo!  Now to maintain…  oh scary…
  • Tuesday night had Book Club at my home and that means, yup, potluck!  Great food (oh oh…)  and I loved that we themed  around Jewish food to go with our book.  Sarah’s Key was an excellent review.
  • Wednesday afternoon started to feel a little blah.  Laid down in the early afternoon with Tylenol and slept until after 7 pm.  Still felt a little off for about 24 hours but it passed with nothing major.
  • Dove into book 2 of the Twilight series after having finished Twilight (Loved it by the way – see review here)
  • Thursday coffee group was canceled due to the extremely cold weather we are experiencing here ( 25 below zero…) That gave me the opportunity to sleep in (just a bit…) I finished New Moon today – see review here
  • Friday was an errand day… got in on the new Group Power class at the YMCA and accomplished quite a bit … later that evening went to Becker Minnesota with a group to go to a BGC family gathering.
  • Saturday Al and I went out to dinner at Poncho and Lefty’s (had a salad but the chips and salsa won me over…) and then nozed around a bit in Gander Mountain.  I am eye balling snow shoes as my next adventure….  also a good pair of boots…  (hint to my hubby for my birthday!)
  • Sunday was a full day as I FINALLY found the energy to work on the old business office that I have now made into the library.  Of course as I worked on this, it led to my working on the spare bedroom that had become my personal “I don’t know what to do with this so I will put it here” room.  This will be ongoing for awhile but I am excited to see it get put together.
  • Chance came over and hung out for the afternoon.  I helped Al in the office and then had floor hockey Sunday evening.  We lost.  At least we are consistent and we really do have fun.
  • Monday morning I will work out and then do a bit of time in the office.  I have year end to file for our business, and the continuing project of the library and spare room.

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