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Monday Mind Dump

  • It was a week of an emotional roller coaster…
  • My weigh in was .2 of a pound up…. (DOH!)  I have really tried to not beat myself up about that… on a normal scale that wouldn’t even register, and I did take three days off New Years week to enjoy really good food.  We’ll see how this Tuesday goes after my girls night of FOOD on Friday at the mansions…  ha ha
  • Wednesday was a crazy busy day of working, running, working out, Karen’s wake, then home for a quick bite to eat before small group.  I was exhausted and didn’t actually touch home base until 9 pm.
  • Thursday was Karen’s funeral.  I tried to remember to rejoice in the fact that she is no longer in pain and is shining in her special way from Heaven.
  • Thursday afternoon I worked out with Heidi at the Y.  This is good because she pushes me to work harder than I would if I was alone.
  • Friday morning I met up with Heidi at the Y again and we worked out in preparation of our evening at the mansion and lots of food opportunities.
  • Friday I picked Heidi up at 2:30 and we were off to Little falls for our girls overnight in the mansions.  I had prepped healthy chicken fajitas, baked Doritos, Baked chips, and lots of raw vegies,  to keep me on track.  For the most part I stayed to the healthy stuff… but did eat a lot of the baked Doritos and salsa….
  • Our overnight on Friday was fun, but a different feel to the mansions this year which I blog more on that later.  In some ways, it felt like this may be the last time we plan our get together there and while it was sad… it felt like it was a season that had passed.  We may look at new avenues for next year and try to regenerate the excitement.
  • On Saturday, after being up until 2 am playing board games with the girls on Friday, I took a nap and layed low for the day at home with Al.
  • Sunday I was on the move again… Church and 201 class, worked out at the Y, hung out with Chance a bit, played with my pictures on Facebook, and played two back to back games of Floor Hockey which was so much fun!
  • On Monday I worked out with Heidi at 7 am (yup…) at the Y and then helped Justin with his school books, prepped for book club on Tuesday, and am having lunch with Sarah Malanowski (Lindberg) at Grizzley’s at 1 pm.  Another day……

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