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Spiritual Boot Camp – Week One

bootcamp-for-webI have just completed week one of the Boot Camp and here are the results:  (See Boot Camp Criteria here)

Mind: My commitment to read 30 minutes of my Bible 5 times a week did not turn out as I had planned.  In my plans, I had thought I would set aside a time each day where I would bask in The Word… studying scripture.  I had pondered with excitement what Book I would begin with.  Would I ramble through Romans?  Escape in Ephesians?  Meander through Mathew?…. Well as God would have it, my path went a different direction entirely.

With the passing of my friend Karen I found myself deep in Ecclesiastes reading on trials and the celebration of death and the importance of troubling times to help us grow.  I found parts  of Ecclesiastes to read like a poem… and reading this helped me with Karen’s death.

I also spent a little time in Hebrews and Acts, as part of our Bible study.  I did not make it through 5 days of reading for 30 minutes each time, I would safely say three times this week and 4 days of reading, but not 30 minutes each time.

Body: Well this is the one area I did really well in.  I made it 5 times since the 1st and did at least 30 minutes each time.  I mostly did cardio but also two Group Power (weight lifting) classes and one unfortunate Pilates Class (more than likely never to be repeated).

Spirit: The prayer did not go as planned either, but was accomplished.  Again I had thought I would have quiet time that I could set aside to get deep into prayer.  Apparently this is easier said than done.  Yet, again, God has plans better than mine and instead of the quiet prayer time I imagined… I was able to pray this last week with my friend Karen before she died, I found alone time in the morning as I prepped for my day to pray for everything on my heart, prayer time in my car, evening bed prayer….  it was in pieces, yet accomplished.

So week one not a total success but I am pleased with my start and have made progress in all areas that I set out to.


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