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Weekend to Myself….

The boys are away for the weekend snowmobiling and as of this past Friday afternoon, I have had the place to myself.  I was really looking forward to this weekend of “no commitments”…  really, I could read, relax, watch a chick flick (or two…), play word games on the computer,whatever!  The world was going to be my oyster….

I really do overdose on people.  I love being with people, but I am wired to the point that hanging with people at get togethers, meetings, dinners, events, whatever…. doesn’t fuel me… but zaps my energies.  I actually have to come home and unwind from just being with others.   I don’t understand it…  but that is the way I am.  So as you can see, a weekend alone could be just what I needed.

After running errands from early Friday morning and going to a great movie (Marley and Me) with Karol Kruse in the afternoon, I was really looking forward to coming home and relaxing.  Oddly, in a matter of moments I found the house too quiet.  This is odd as the house isn’t noisy anyway…  I think it wasn’t “noise” that I needed…. but maybe purpose….  I didn’t have dinner to make, or time to chat with Al about the week or hang with Justin catching up on what he has going on or playing a bit of Bomberman on Wii.  I had nothing to do… and I suddenly felt very alone.

I made dinner and went downstairs to play on the computer and pulled Season One of Gilmore Girls off the shelf.  Kate came on Facebook and invited me to play Scrabble Beta with her which was really fun and I started to relax (thanks Kate!).  I really started to think how important the whole SHMILY thing was in times like this and knew I could do better with some of the ideas I had read on Amy’s blog (thanks Amy!).

Saturday was better…. I started to embrace the time to relax.  I got up at 8:30 (oh yeah…. I never do that… I’m a 7 a.m. girl).  I did a bit of housework and then spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon watching Gilmore Girls and playing on the computer.  I ran a couple errands late afternoon, checked out the sales at Kohls, came back home and am now back in the recliner to enjoy a quiet evening.

Tomorrow afternoon the guys will be back and I am ready!  It’s nice to have the time to yourself…. but my battery is fully charged and I am excited to have them back in the house with their stories of snowmobiling.


December 27, 2008 - Posted by | Just me, Life thoughts

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