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Monday Mind Dump

  • Last Tuesday weigh in I was 2.8 pounds down – for a grand total so far of 21 pounds!!!  (I am amazed as I battle through Christmas parties and potlucks…… hopefully I will have held on through this past week!)
  • Tuesday evening we had a Christmas Party to attend in Pierz Minnesota.  Great people and we had steak!  (Oh man….)
  • Wednesday we started back into the Small Group and had a potluck out at Al and Julie’s (ooohhhhh…. potluck!)  I made low fat chicken fajitas to bring.
  • Thursday I went out to dinner (yup… three days in a row….) with the BCers.  We laughed and I had my standard favorite – the poppy seed chicken salad.
  • Friday – finished Christmas shopping!  WOO HOO!  And squeezed in a work out at the YMCA
  • Friday we had an annual Christmas Party (yup, now four in a row…) at a friends which was loaded with delicious appetizers which I avoided quite successfully… except for the shrimp cocktail… YUM!
  • Saturday, went with my friend Cathy to go see Karen (my friend with cancer).  It was a great visit…  I get so much out of spending time with Karen and I am so impressed with her spirit.  Relaxed at home and watched a couple movies in the afternoon.  Layed back day that was needed so badly!
  • Sunday after Church went to the Y and had a brief workout (better than nothing…) then went home and watched LOST with Chance, we hit a movie in the afternoon at Movies 10 (Yes, Man) (see review here) and then I played floor hockey Sunday evening.

Basically a week of food opportunities…. after this week I think I am finally through all the parties and get togethers and can put my guard down a bit!  Looking forward to Christmas with the boys!

Oh, and here are the Santas Workshop pics from last weekends event….


December 22, 2008 - Posted by | Just me

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  1. I noticed you’d lost weight at the wedding!… What are you doing?… I’m needing an “accountability” partner… 🙂

    Comment by Amy (Dandelion Seeds) | December 27, 2008

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