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Monday Mind Dump

What a week last week…. I’ll try to give the highlights here and not forget anything….

Monday I helped out with the IHN group and we witnessed a death of a man in the parking lot.

Tuesday I covered the IHN shift until Tim and Justin arrived. Kristi Anderson came to cut hair and they all really enjoyed that. She is so great!

Wednesday I helped deliver people to the day center. By this time I am so tired…

Thursday I stayed overnight with Sandi for our IHN night. We stayed up until about 1 am talking and talking….

Friday afternoon I found out a lady I work with on the builders committee died in a car crash Thursday evening. My heart is heavy for her family.

Friday we had Amanda and Tim’s party at Rafferty’s Pizza.

Saturday I helped set up for the wedding and we had Tim and Amanda’s wedding Saturday evening. It was beautiful! Justin took Chance to ring the bell and then brought him to the wedding too.

Sunday – went to church but afterwards…. pretty much crashed. Fell asleep in the recliner reading my book for book club.

I finished the book club book last night! Yay! See the review of A Christmas Carol here


December 8, 2008 - Posted by | Just me

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