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  • Last week I hit a funk (I hate that….) I wasn’t sleeping well, because I was worrying… and the more tired I became… the more my mind messed me up… the more I worried, the more I couldn’t sleep, and so on…  I’d love to tell you that I had HUGE PROBLEMS.. but the truth is a took a mole hill and with the gift of an over active imagination, I made a mountain (possibly in record time – somebody call Guinness…).
  • On Saturday – my friends gave me a reality check that was the best thing for me.  Sometimes getting back to the basics – releasing all to God (as I know (oh – I know…) but sometimes have trouble with…) and sharing with those you trust… is the absolute best thing!  I was given a dose of friendship, and reality – and I snapped out of it.  Praise God!!!!
  • Sunday Al and I had an incredible dinner at the Bjorlo’s and after that I spent the evening with Chance at Dodgeball and hanging out at the house.
  • Monday had dinner with Key, Sandi, and Julie and  our first Honduras Meeting…. wow – it is coming up fast!!!
  • Tuesday had Book Club at my house while we reviewed the book Wednesday Letters (see review here) and my suggestion for our December read of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens won the vote!!! I am so excited to read this!
  • I also finished the 7th (and final) book in the Narnia Series… The Final Battle.  See that review here!

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