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McDonalds – An odd blog story

Back in May, I had a funny (or not…) experience at McDonalds on my way to work.  I wrote a blog on it because I felt it to be blog worthy.

Last week I was looking at Blog post stats on my blog.  The stats are a little scale that shows you how many times your blog has been looked at in a given day, week, month…  it also tells you which blog posts are being read.

So last week I am surprised to see that this old McDonalds blog post has suddenly been looked at 170 times on Wednesday.  On Thursday it went to 228….  at first I thought it was funny, thinking maybe corporate McDonalds had stumbled across it and was using it as an example of what is wrong in today’s fast food world…

… then, by day three… I started to panic and think it was a bad thing it was getting so many hits… and maybe I was in trouble for talking about McDonalds and using a McDonalds picture… (hey, I am from Brainerd… things can easily freak me out).  Perhaps Ronald himself was going to come knocking on my door…

Then I went to the image pages and seen that many people have used McDonalds images and what they were saying was pretty intense compared to my silly little post.

And then – after 4 days of receiving a total of over 750 hits on this sad lonely blog I tracked down that it was coming from Google pictures and my McDonalds picture was #3 on the Google “McDonalds” image page.  I was told this was an amazing accomplishment.  I still think it was wierd.

And now… its over.  I go to Google Images and I can not even find my McDonalds picture in the first 30+ pages. My blog stats have settled to normal hits.  And I am left with the funny memory.


September 29, 2008 - Posted by | Insane Moments

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